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I Am A Crossdresser Who Loves Sports Bras
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Constant reminder of the woman inside

After a couple of years of wearing panties every day, I no longer noticed that I was wearing them. They'd become my normal underwear. Bras were different and since I couldn't wear them all the time, when I had one on I could constantly feel it as I moved through the day. However I always had trouble keeping the straps up on my shoulders. Once while speaking to a large group I felt a strap slide over my shoulder and since I was wearing a short-sleeve shirt, I quickly raised that arm and began to act like there was a bug of some kind that had crawled down the neck of my shirt. The audience laughed at my predicament and I was able to get the strap back in place with an entire auditorium full of people watching and never knowing how close I'd come to embarrassing myself to the max.

So I decided that night that I'd only wear bras when fully dressed and in the company of people that accepted crossdressers. Jocbras changed my mind.

The early sports bras were referred to as 'jocbras' and the biggest change was a full cover cup and crossed shoulder straps in back. There was nothing fancy about them, totally utilitarian, and usually available in white or white. For ladies in sports they were a blessing and for us sissy cross-dressers, there were shoulder straps that wouldn't slip and cups that held a breast form firmly in place.

Today I have a few standard, hook in back, dress bras, but a whole drawer full of sports bras in every color imaginable and wear one almost 24/7. Whether I'm actually out running, competing in some sports event, or just sitting here at my computer, I can always feel with every breath that I'm wearing a bra.

Another bonus is that I wear the distinctive racer-back style that is fairly easy to detect beneath a t-shirt - a subtle way to introduce my cross-dressing to someone if I wear the right t-shirt.
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SissySecrets · 41-45, T Best Comment
They are functional and comfy.

Straps coming down can be a real problem. My wife gave me some straps that go across the back that hold them on your shoulders. I love my bras with spaghetti straps. I feel much more feminine in them than I would wearing a sports bra.
[@9021,StevexStephie] Well I can tell you she knows everything. She has never had a problem with it. I use to always have sex with her while wearing my lingerie and she said it didn't turn her on but it didn't turn her off either so I always wore it because it turned me on. Life has changed and we don't have sex any more and my dressing is all I have now for sexual pleasure.
StevexStephie · 61-69, M
[@8778,silkydrawers] My dressing is my only pleasure now too. However, my wife never knew about Stephie.
[@9021,StevexStephie] Sorry to hear that. I at least have wonderful memories of us having sex together while wearing lingerie and also my collection could never have gotton as large as it is if she didn't know.
I like wearing panties all the time but I prefer to wear camisoles instead of bras. They are feminine and I can wear a little lace discretely.
StevexStephie · 61-69, M
[@8778,silkydrawers] I would be thrilled to see what is inside your panties! Maybe we can find a way!
StevexStephie · 61-69, M
[@8778,silkydrawers] You know what I'm doing now! I want it so bad!
WonderGirl · F
I think men in panties are very sexy. I used to have my ex wear panties.
WonderGirl · F
[@8778,silkydrawers] so sexy
KaraLuvz · 41-45, T
I am currently wearing mostly sports bras but I did order some more traditional bras that I’m going to start to wear
StevexStephie · 61-69, M
[@992539,KaraLuvz] Did your new bras arrive yet? What kind/brand? Can you post any pics of you modeling them for us?
The woman inside is always under my clothes.
StevexStephie · 61-69, M
[@604150,Txbob52] And doesn’t that feel wonderful!
Paulena · 61-69, M
for Years I wore camisoles instead of bras at work.
[@594532,Paulena] I love wearing camisoles and slips under my male clothes. I usually only wear a bra when I'm dressed up and wanting to wear my breast forms.
Bras are a necessity when I want to wear my breast forms and look as feminine as possible.
turbineman40 · 80-89, M
Very interesting way to introduce a friend to your cross dressing. It must work for you nicely. I would like to hear more stories about it. Just PM me
SilkandLace2 · 41-45, M
I really like your post, interesting thoughts, "I can always feel with every breath that I'm wearing a bra",, LOVE IT😍😍
SilkandLace2 · 41-45, M
[@1158508,AurelieFountaine] you can adjust most bra straps also
canadarm · M
This is very timely information, as I have to get one to wear,very shortly.
I need one to match my stockings ( I lost a dice roll), so I can use this information, thank you!

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I Am A Crossdresser Who Loves Sports Bras
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