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There's a petition on change. org that calls for Hillary Clinton to run again in 2020. I signed it. I hope she runs.
She deserves a second chance. She actually had 3 million more votes than Trump. Trump stole the election from her.
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nonsensiclesnail41-45, F
馃 ... why? So she鈥檒l lose?
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[@441353,nonsensiclesnail] [image=]
nonsensiclesnail41-45, F
[@1039984,Yeshua] but she鈥檚 a terrible choice!!!
She鈥檚 got the brain, but she鈥檚 not a strong choice a far as candidate. She may as well be Frankenstein, though.... The dems need someone who appeals to the general internet crowd, with social appeal and great hair. Not a boomer with old face.
Long run.. off a short pier
hippyjoe195561-69, M
I hope she wins the demoncrap nomination too. Trump will use her for a doorstop at his second inauguration if she lives that long. Health was a major concern last round.
That old fart is shot out.
hunkalove61-69, M
She always seems to want to be begged to run. That's what cost her the nomination in 2008 and contributed to her defeat in 2016. I would never ever vote Republican but I didn't vote for her either. She was bought and paid for long ago and she's still married to a scumbag.
Mountainlady1618-21, F
No he didn't the electoral college was created to prevent what happened where 2 large population states would decide whose president
Mountainlady1618-21, F
[@1039984,Yeshua] we would be in deep shit if we elected a woman president
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[@1496,Mountainlady16] you're a woman
Mountainlady1618-21, F
[@1039984,Yeshua] so what I don't believe in women leaders
JAYS2151-55, M
KILARY su k but not like Monica
Margarite46-50, F
[@991775,JAYS21] haa
[@991775,JAYS21] [image=]

I hope she runs, too. 馃槉
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[@387713,4meAndyou] She will beat Trump, again.
[@1039984,Yeshua] Yes, she will. Totes! And she is man enough and mad enough to do it, too! 馃槉
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[@429002,xRedx] 馃槀

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