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My life sucks.. I was born with a strange brain, it's going be difficult for me to find someone.

馃槩馃槩馃槩 I'm never anybodys type either. 馃挃馃挃馃挃
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lonelyandyb36-40, M
You will find someone. Having a strange brain isn鈥檛 necessarily a bad thing. You seem less strange than a lot of people on here (myself included)
[@211649,lonelyandyb] yes, strange doesn't mean bad
[@211649,lonelyandyb] i mean strange as in anxious, over thinking, rigid thinking
lonelyandyb36-40, M
I often get anxious and overthink things too[@411057,PaleandPolluted]
You were born into a beautiful body ... with amazing insight and the ability to see through all the scenarios guys toss up

* sidenote ... I adore that brain
SledgeHammer41-45, M
[@6757,questionWeaver] 馃檮
Sounds like something my mother would say....
[@1019125,SledgeHammer] You must have a cool, smart, confident mom!
SledgeHammer41-45, M
[@6757,questionWeaver] lmao...
Maybe not as cool,smart and confident as you....馃
This message was deleted by its author.
whowasthatmaskedman61-69, M
Interesting idea. Maybe you can focus on organising your own life as you wish. I bet if you do, it wont be long before someone is looking over your shoulder, wanting to know what you are doing.
EuphoricTurtle36-40, M
No matter how odd the piece, there are always a number of other odd pieces that fit perfectly.
Pinkstarburst51-55, F
Strange brains are sexy. It keeps men guessing and many men are intrigued by the challenge to learn every aspect of what makes you who you are. Embrace your strangeness and be the alluring mystery you are鈥t isn鈥檛 abut you being their type. It鈥檚 about being you.
WintaTheAngle41-45, M
In my experience the strange people are the best friends and most interesting people.

And without getting lechy I鈥檓 sure there鈥檚 someone out there getting frustrated they have met someone like you yet.
Notanymore36-40, M
Just think of how bad it would suck if you pretended to have a normal brain and found someone who was a conventional fit.
Pinkstarburst51-55, F
[@519030,Notanymore] Truth
HurtMe51-55, M
For what you write here, I am in the same boat. How YOU doin'?
EasyFriend61-69, M
We are all unique, but I believe there's someone who will love your brand of uniqueness!

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