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How do I cope with this?
My boyfriend's best friend is constantly causing trouble for us. He is gay and not with anyone himself and he keeps saying my boyfriend is using me for money. I am not rich .. just I work full time and he works part-time and I sometimes buy extra drinks when we are out. My boyfriend is caring and kind and always tells me he loves me. I find it hard to believe he doesn't and it is all an act, for the sake of a few extra drinks. Not like I am buying him expensive gifts or anything. It hurts though... there is an implication that he can't like me for myself, that it has to be for money. Him and his "friend" have currently fallen out and I don't really want them to make up. I feel like his friend won't be happy till he has destroyed our relationship. How do I cope with this?
51-55, F
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Nov 13, 2016
SW User
What does your boyf do or say about it?
Moonstar14 · 51-55, F
He doesn't like it, and this friend has annoyed him too, let him down umpteen times when they have arranged to meet. The friend is really nice and friendly till he has a few drinks, bit like Dr. Jekyll and Mr Hyde.
SW User
set boundaries and stand together👍
Nefarious · 18-21, M
This some heavy shit for a high ass nigga to be contemplating. Good luck though.
Omarion21 · 18-21, M
You should ignore his gay bff but not totally. There could be an iota of truth in what he's saying. Buh I'm probably sure he has his own interests at heart and no yours
destinyfabulous · 31-35, F
I don't understand why he's in you n your boyfriend's business. Your bf should Tell him politely to butt out
It sounds like he is trying to steal your man.
Omarion21 · 18-21, M
Same thing I thought lol
DanielChristensen · 41-45, M
I would express your concern about him to your boyfriend, but accept his decision as to whether or not he will continue to spend time with him. Also, when the friend tells you that your boyfriend is using you for money, tell him you don't like him saying that and would like him to refrain from making that comment in the future.
SW User
I find this friend of your boyfriend interfering and disrespectful. You and your boyfriend alone can define your relationship. How well you relate to each other is what matters and your choice should solely depend on it. Ask that other chap to f**ck off and stay away.
SW User
Maybe call him on it. Say "do you realise how hurtful it is when you say things like that? Why do you do it?"
Honestly, just talk to your boyfriend about it. Communication in any relationship is key. It may be difficult to bring it up, but just don't make it seem as if you were saying that the friend is right. Just tell him how much you love him and how your so happy that he loves you back and that you glad that it's not for some reason like wealth or something along those lines.

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