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What was your most awkward breakup?
Mine was on Valentines Day my senior year, my boyfriend who lived in another town called- I was so thrilled, I read him a gushy letter I had written him laying bare my heart and my deepest emotions. Awkward silence ensued ... "Uh, yeah, I just called to break up with you? ...:

Plot Twist - I got my revenge by marrying his best friend.

Plot Twisted - His best friend was gay.

Plot Twisteder -聽 Well so was he.

Most Twisted Part or Maybe It Just All Makes Sense Now - 4 of the 5 boys I dated in high school are gay. The 5th is MIA. Probably hiding in the woods somewhere, being gay from dating me. 馃ぃ
46-50, F
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Aug 31, 2018
elVato41-45, M
You date and marry gay guys?
SushiRed46-50, F
[@334019,elVato] It was a bad habit of my youth ... caused by social and religious prejudices, making mu gay friends be in the closet and as I was fabulous even then I ended up being a beard. A lot. Lol - that's a gay man's girlfriend for cover to pretend he's straight. I mean, they didn't know, or were trying not to know they were gay, and i thought they just appreciated musical theater as much as me!
elVato41-45, M
[@587635,SushiRed] 馃 Nice. I just learned something!
Did you ever turn a gay guy straight?
SushiRed46-50, F
Lol no ... cause if I know they're gay I won't sleep with them!
You have a gay fetish or something?
SushiRed46-50, F
[@799341,UglyGod] See response to @elVato. Back in the 80s ans 90s it wasn't ok to be gay. Especially in Wyoming. I didn't know they were gay ... but I eventually got my gaydar fixed and now I can tell you every guy I had a date with off Match who was actually in the closet lol! But yeah, I actually prefer straight guys, you know, because sex.
Rokasu31-35, M
I broke up with her on our anniversary. She was piiiiiiiiissed
SushiRed46-50, F
[@16030,Rokasu] lol I would expect! Damn!
ToyMan51-55, M
And here from all your posts and pictures I was expecting you'd be the one to turn a gay man straight. 馃
SushiRed46-50, F
[@1104,ToyMan] Right?? Nah, my nickname was the Spatula ... cause I turned em ... 馃槈馃槀 ... but gay. So gay. Ah well. I topped that - turned my last bf into a girlfriend. (In my defense she was transgender from birth, not my doing lol.) So ... maybe y'all should be relieved none of y'all live anywhere near me ...
ToyMan51-55, M
[@587635,SushiRed] Spatula huh. Well maybe you need to find a gay friend and flip them. ;) But in all seriousness I enjoy your outlook on life. Keep on enjoying what makes you happy. 馃
It was when my wife left me last year, for about half a year.
We we're separated and she moved out.
Had a drinking 'friends, spend a weekend or two with me, and she got really comfortable with walking around the place in like more than a smile.
When my wife heard about it, she came back home.
Whell my friends s would get really drunk, and she would just pop up, whenever she needed a place to crash
We never had sex, but she likes to be nude while indoors.
So.yeah, my wife is back home, we are the bedroom, and I get thirsty, there is Angela, buck naked, on my couch.
(She knew where we kept our spare key)
SushiRed46-50, F
[@125834,Groofydorkgerdo] lol not sure the breakup party of that story, but damn you got the awkward covered! Lmao!
[@587635,SushiRed] Yeah, I guess it was more of an awkward make up story.
I still wonder if she would have came back if I hadn't told her I planned moving her in

Oh man. my only breakup was i called my ex fianc茅 to tell him i got married already and he told me my mom already wrote him and he already knew. Then he hung up ..

We haven't talked since
SushiRed46-50, F
[@209334,ZzLig] ugh, awkward and uncomfortable, ...but thankfully over quickly!
Lugubrio51-55, M
What did you do to these boys馃
SushiRed46-50, F
[@588010,Lugubrio] overwhelmed them with femininity until they realized they would never be able to keep up with a woman and were better off with their own kind? Lol!
I broke up with her on her birthday (which I totally forgot about tbfh)
SushiRed46-50, F
[@612496,shrek] whoops! Lol!
That is a world class WOW.... i dont think too many people on this planet can beat that

That is some funny stuff right there :) ;-)
SushiRed46-50, F
[@5201,black4white] All true ... ridiculous and true!
I don't have a lot of breakups under my belt. I guess my most awkward would be when my SO broke up with me because I got sick. It wasn't something they felt they could deal with. At first I was upset about it, but I soon realized it was for the best. I didn't need to be dealing with a stressed relationship.
SushiRed46-50, F
[@422459,AcidBurn] oh, best to get out of that for sure!
[@587635,SushiRed] I know that now. (:
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