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Has anyone else been on Craigslist personals lately?
I went to look on craigslist personals earlier this morning and it seems to have been shut down.
41-45, M
23 replies
Mar 23, 2018
MikeSp · 51-55, M Best Answer
Another solution by our incompetent government. Trampling on our rights to free expression, free speech, free association, and to engage in lawful free enterprise, by harming lawfully-compliant companies, in this case a company offering citizens the ability to enjoy these rights. These platform companies have little to no control over what people post, nor should they be required to censor posts by trampling on those rights. Of course, posts offering to engage in illegal activity will get through, but it is not the company's or the government's purview to approve every post. [i]Caveat emptor[/i] applies here, “let the buyer beware,” in that the viewer or reader is responsible for their reaction to such posts. They can choose to act on the post, or ignore it. The rest of us are not responsible for protecting every victim out there. Children and vulnerable people are going to be trafficked whether these sites exist or not. It is the parent's and family's responsibility to protect each other. How much more time will pass before the government shuts down this site because it doesn't agree with what is said here?
minarth008 · 56-60, M
Due to the possibility of being held liable for anything that happens, they shut down personals.
GlassDog · 41-45, M
Still running for my city, although few of the posts look genuine.
Backwoodsman2 · 70-79, M
[@24313,GlassDog] It is only in the U.S.
cherokeepatti · 61-69, F
[b]New law aimed at stopping human trafficking, such ads were used to get customers]
cherokeepatti · 61-69, F
[@11432,Greenbare] believe what you will but I wouldn't want to be a person who was kidnapped and forced into this type of life.
Angeleyez · 46-50, F
[@11432,Greenbare] trying to stop human trafficking in NO WAY is a man hating operation! I mean to even think such a thing is ridiculous! Hundreds of thousands of children, and women are sold in to the human trafficking rings every year. So you may have to give up finding a sex hook up on Craigslist or other avenues try tinder! It’s a small price to pay to try and protect those that are being sold into slavery and the sex trade!
Angeleyez · 46-50, F
[@16806,cherokeepatti] some will never care for the safety and well-being of others, the tragedy of this kind of thinking is they could lose someone they care about to this kind of evil, and until then will never understand the pain that the families of these victims go through, and not to mention the torture of these kids and women and even some men. Empathy is something that the human race on the whole greatly lack. 😢
Astro · 51-55, M
I'm slightly annoyed that's sort of how I made extra money hustling.
And ...the NANNY STATE cometh.
[@16806,cherokeepatti] I understand that. I dont use it. But the truth is. Not in every city and every state and the admin wasnt in on the gig. This smells of other reasons as well. Im saying. Bigggger picture
cherokeepatti · 61-69, F
[@582038,FelixLegion] human trafficking victims have come been rescued and said that the traffickers were using Craigslist and Backdoor to pimp them out.
Greenbare · 70-79, M
[@16806,cherokeepatti] So-called "human trafficking" is mostly just another anti-men hate campaign.

Craig's list was used mostly by whores soliciting for men as pay to play. While I have no use for the whores, its none of the government's F'ing business who is F'ing whom or why.
Greenbare · 70-79, M
Congress passed a new unconstitutional law making web sites responsible for the content people post. Craig's List, Reddit, and other sites have been shutting down risky forums.
Tejanajuana · 41-45, M
Lol. I just realized that there's a bunch of scammers upset with this "decision" right now.
Tejanajuana · 41-45, M
It seems that a person from different posts would want you to go to a website and enter a credit card number to verify your age and make sure you were legal or not a axe murderer. Then charge ridiculous amounts to your credit card
cherokeepatti · 61-69, F
[@491640,Tejanajuana] A man died by the hands of a prostitute and her fwiends, he lived about a mile from where I do. I'd see this guy come into the Walmart where I was working, they killed him to steal his truck, which was a white Chevy and customized so much it was unique...I recognized it when they put photos on the news and in the paper. They not only killed him but burnt the house down, it belonged to his mother and she had went on a vacation out of state to visit hew sister. What a mess....there were photos of him and the woman at the ATM when he was getting money to pay her and the men apparently waiting at the house to kill him. All kinds of scams they can pull. And there was a woman from a small town not to far from her who's husband pimped her out on Craigslist, they wanted some money to buy Christmas gifts for their young children, she got killed by a John and her body was found on a lake road.
Tejanajuana · 41-45, M
Sad stories. I just wanted to make friends and maybe get some action on the side. This lady I've been seeing seems really trusting. I wish she would be a little more careful about who she trusts.

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