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How do I get him out my head?!?
It's been months and he is still takes up too much space in my head.
36-40, F
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Nov 17, 2017
Throw a party to help clear your mind馃槏馃帀
Read a novel... immerse yourself in the fictional emotions of others.
mangomonkey36-40, F
[@593235,BlueClapTrap] unfortunately I'm doing s course at the moment so no time to read for pleasure. Thanks for the suggestion though.
Heartless36-40, M
Good luck with that, it's hard to forget about someone you cared about, deeper you cared the harder and longer it takes.
Justsayit56-60, F
Accept he's in ur head...then move on!
Ask him for rent now.. you actually need a rebound
Have you tried talking about it, and not getting emotional? I find the more I talk about traumatic stuff, the easier it becomes to accept things and move past them.
mangomonkey36-40, F
[@593235,BlueClapTrap] I like this idea but don't have anyone I can do that with. Maybe I could write it all out and it might provide the same release.
[@8467,mangomonkey] I just talk to random people at work about these things... I don't have many close friends, as I gave them up for lent *har har*, and I find talking works better than writing for me... I filled a 5-star notebook, and it just wasn't cutting the mustard with all the nonsense I was going through.
reessa18-21, F
somethin about getting over by getting under..
mangomonkey36-40, F
[@388631,reessa] ummm let's just say that doesn't work...
reessa18-21, F
[@8467,mangomonkey] well im out of ideas lol take care
mangomonkey36-40, F
[@388631,reessa] Haha, thanks for making me laugh though
SoggedNapped26-30, M
Do a little ritual... gather some momentos of him/ you two.. have a small party and burn them.. nothing crazy.. but let him go in the ceremony..let him occupy the space in your mind, then let go slowly.

Lastly, forgive yourself - you still regret and dwell too much on the What IFs and How Could He...etc..
wudifu41-45, M
Put him in your mouth
mangomonkey36-40, F
[@8715,wudifu] yeah cause that's going to happen
innocentfool46-50, M
Find someone or something else to replace him. Pottery. Watercolors. Digging deep ditches
mangomonkey36-40, F
[@2213,innocentfool] not sure digging ditches is quite my thing! I send most of my time studying so that helps, it is mainly when I take breaks or feel lonely. I have realised that I don't think it is so much him that I miss as much anymore but rather having someone that shared so many interests.
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