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Lee Harvey Oswald killed JFK and acted alone

There are fifty-three separate pieces of evidence linking Oswald to JFK's assassination. This goes beyond reasonable doubt; there is no doubt whatsoever that Oswald killed JFK. There is no reasonable doubt that he acted alone, as no credible evidence for any conspiracy theory has ever been presented. Although it's possible that he was involved in a conspiracy for which no evidence has been found yet, it would be irresponsible to speculate on the existence of something without evidence.
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MarkPaul · 22-25, M
Ted Cruz's father.
Virgo79 · 56-60, M
We all know Trump did it.
What about the xray of his skull that showed fragments of smaller shot ?
[@760047,MarmeeMarch] There is no evidence of that in the actual x-ray films or the autopsy report. JFK was killed by the bullet that struck the back of his head and blew off the right front part of his skull. Although, it's possible that he wouldn't have survived the injuries from the other bullet that hit him in the back and exited his throat and then went on to hit Governor Connolly.

There are a lot of people who were involved peripherally at the hospital who were mistaken in what they saw. For example, one doctor made a tracheotomy incision right where the exit wound to JFK's throat was, leading other examiners to wonder where the bullet had gone, since they assumed there was no exit wound, yet the bullet wasn't still in JFK's body. This was eventually cleared up after the excitement had died down.
[@1026,HazelMotes] The treach incision would be already made for the doctor by the bullet - it did not go through his windpipe else he would have drowned in his own blood.
[@760047,MarmeeMarch] The doctor made the trach incision right over the bullet exit wound. Keep in mind that the head shot was only a few seconds later, so he was probably already dead before he could have drowned in his own blood.
You were there? 😳
[@327405,TheScissoring] No, I've studied it, dumbshit.

Are you saying we can't possibly know anything unless we were witnesses in person? You keep babbling about issues with the election here in the U.S., so I guess you've been to every single precinct and observed personally how the voting went.

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