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I Hate Myself

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I really dislike many of my character traits some of them I really hate but many just dislike. and the worst part is I don't know how to change them. I do not like that Iam lazy, chatty,emotional, sensitive,not smart and needy.I know im making myself seem like a bad person, but the good characteristics for some reason I do not care about as much becasue i feel like everyone has them like kindness,good listener, the need to be better things like that. I think to myself often, I just dont understand how can i be born hating many of my own character traits. feel free to share what you have a problem with in your life.
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Nov 18, 2016
I can be arrogant and dismissive of others' problems.
@KnightMoves: im glad you found someone i'm still looking, im worried on one will love me enough the way i am. my low self esteem always talks for me.😫 I do have hope that i will find someone i just dont know how soon.I dont think it will happen anytime soon unless i start doing something to change it.
@Girlyfriendcollecting: I think it just happens when you aren't paying attention. Don't force anything--just try to be the best you. It'll all be great.
@KnightMoves: thank you😊
zerofuks2give · 36-40, M
Highonheels · 46-50, M
I'm sure you are a very beautiful women on the outside and on the inside ,if someone truely likes you he or she should see past your character flaws you'll know when you find him or her I say him/her because im not sure about your sexual preference
Shawnkautzman1 · 46-50, M
I feel the same I have nobody I feel like I am going to die alone and lonely and this scares me 😭
oh im sorry. keep trying to make friends
Shawnkautzman1 · 46-50, M
I want to be your friend.
@Shawnkautzman1: yea but i mean real friends in life not just online friends.

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I Hate Myself
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