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I Sometimes Wonder What the Hell Is Wrong With People

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Rape is Natural … really?!? Well, this is actually my second attempt at writing this story. The first didn't meet EP's community guidelines and my appeal was unsuccessful. However, EPKimi told me to resubmit so here I am. I suspect the...
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22-25, F
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Edited: 1 yr ago
Wow I shouldn't be surprised by such things, I once wrote a story about some non-believers calling them hypocrites and what not. Well Mr. Pywacket is living proof of my last rant. Unfortunately you're right some people share dangerious sentiments, its almost jaw dropping. Its not easy but I recmend avoiding him Sara.
sarabee1995 · 22-25, F
Thank for the comment DP! As for avoiding or not avoiding him ... I try to stay open to anyone anytime. You know I don't block people. I'm here to exchange ideas in an open and supportive way. ;-)
I agree with the other comments,delete and block their is nothing gained from discussions with this lunatic.
sarabee1995 · 22-25, F
Thanks Loz ... and who knows, maybe Py-wacky-dude will be the first person ever that I block. But I don't want to make this about him personally. Perhaps I shouldn't have mentioned him so much.

His attitude is not unique. I could bring you to a half dozen guys right now, right here on my campus that will say the same things and defend it as undeniable truth. This "belief" is out there and I'm just trying to shine a spot light on it.
sarabee1995 · 22-25, F
Sorry I didn't see this four days ago. I would've responded then. I also have a name Py. It is Sara. It is not Sweetie, or Babe, or anything else. So please address me as Sara and I will address you as Py.
I did not agree when you continued to talk to him, but now you have set down his opinions and "arguments" I can see how important it is to challenge these in the open. If we do not, it degrades us as decent human beings. Well done, and I hope (and know) you will continue with speaking up on your own campus :-)
Thanks for the clarifications. On both the study and the Christianity thing... It's been a long while since I've last talked or read about much of this, and I've been exhausted all I'm not surprised that my memory is off at times. :/
I've generally not cared about the letter of the law when it comes to Christians making a big deal about marriages being exceptions for things throughout the years...because I believe that with time that will change more and more as people care less about marriage...and because most Marriage laws that I'm aware of in the USA mean that people under the age of 17 have to go through a big hassle with family court and such...and unless I'm mistaken...I understand that it's actually fairly difficult for adult/child relationships to get approved as a legal marriage. But then it's not like I've run down all the public records for marriage licenses to know just how many there are or have been. lol

I hope you are able to live long enough to at least get some respect for your cosmological model and in sueing those people at your ex-job. It isn't right for someone to discriminate and conspire to get rid of someone like I hope you case goes well. I have to admit to being a bit at a baby stage in understanding string theory and most of what you were all talking about so thanks for adding the links, so I can jog my memory on some of these topics . Mostly because I never really was all that interested in it over some of the other things that I'm more passionate about learning and theorizing about. But from what little I do's really great that your model lasted as long as it did...but I suppose that makes sense...since you mentioned it doesn't rely on strings! And If Dr. Suntzeff had some good things to say about it, then I think you ought to feel proud about your work.

It's also very cool that you got into it with Neil DeGrasse Tyson.

I am however very much interested in your theory regarding alien civilization and radio. I would be interested to hear about it, if you'd be willing to take the time to explain it. :-) Because it is not a theory that I've heard much about. Why is it that we might be the only species capable of producing radio? And if that is the case...I guess it makes sense why we haven't found any alien civilizations yet. But at least people have found some interesting things by looking around at galaxies and trying to figure out where the levels of radiation that are detected are from. So that's pretty brilliant itself.
sarabee1995 · 22-25, F
Hey Py -- In so seriousness, I'm also more than a little interested in the lack-of-radio-capable-aliens thing. And I was looking at your cosmological model with my brother last night. To soon to comment, but nice work.
You're right, it's not helpful to people in prison. And while I have some sympathy for people in prison when it might be a genuine case of consensual sex with a minor. Espeically if they didn't know it was a minor at the time...I also think it has to be recognized that even if I think the law needs to be tweaked...most of those people knew they were doing something considered illegal. idk. I don't think the whole force of the law for "rape" or whatever the law says for thier state should come down on them...but idk. And I suppose to a point of view...I get why you are comparing it to Sharia law. Our country makes a big deal about separation of Church and State...but it's sometimes muddled together. Some places in Europe do a finer job of separating the two at times, I think. And yeah I agree...I don't think there's a perfect solution either. There will always be innocents who do to jail...and there will always be those chances for abuse.

If there are such cases currently in the USA...a country that seems to always portray child marriages in other countries in the media as this terrible thing, go unrecognized? I might have to do some research some day and say something...if only because if true it is a part of the country that is hidden from many others. And I find that unacceptable.

Thank you, I appreciate that. I don't wish to be reminded either. ;p

Take your time. It will give me at least a week then to ponder about sharks. I will consider it a bit of a riddle to figure out how it applies to radio and humans and aliens during any of my free time. And I consider that to be a very fun little intellectual pursuit. :-)

And I very much look forward to hearing about it when you have the time and opportunity to share your thoughts about it.
ignorant assholes. Sorry but that is what this guy is. This is no different than being in the KKK. let's flip the story and he goes to jail, he is going to embrace and enjoy it when big Bibb a rapes his ass, I doubt it. He would have a very different view. He seems like the type of person to get a rise out of spewing hatred, false beliefs and opinions . Its sad but there are people like this, usually from. of being loved enough as a child or hurt by a female on his past or growing up. Wouldn't be surprised but this guy doesn't deserve the attention you as giving him.
sarabee1995 · 22-25, F
Thanks for the comment Kman.
Sorry about the spelling mistakes, I was worked up just reading your story
sarabee1995 · 22-25, F
No worries. Thanks again.
Sara, I've browsed through some of the exchanges you've had with pywacket while reading your previous story. I can only conclude that he must have a few screws loose in his head. What exactly has your experience with your ex-boyfriend to do with a discussion on religion? I can't think of anything. Not only is it completely irrelevant to the topic, it's also rather tasteless to bring something like that up in a conversation. For someone who claims to be so certain of his case, he sure likes to refer to multiple personal issues of himself and the ones he's interacting with. If anything, that strikes me as someone who's rather uncertain of his case. Maybe he just enjoys acting like a jerk, while blaming every religious person for everything that went wrong in his life.

As for his perception on rape, I find it hard to take any of that seriously. While I completely agree that sexual assault isn't being taken as serious as it should be and that there are quite a lot of people with ignorant, or simply misguided perceptions and attitudes about rape, I don't think there are many students on campuses that would align themselves with any of pywacket his statements. Don't get me wrong, I do think it needs to receive more attention. I just don't think there are many people like pywacket running around on campus. It's true that nature doesn't have a biological consent mechanism, but that doesn't make sexual assault any less wrong. Neither does the way we are biologically wired make such a thing "inevitable" or "excusable". As the species with the highest level of self-awareness we always have a choice. We can opt to ignore or exploit any animalistic instinct or desire we are wired with. I think he's greatly underestimating and ignoring the psychological traumas, which victims of sexual abuse continually suffer from throughout their life’s. I haven't heard of pandora's project before, but I find it hard to believe that a nonprofit organization, meant for survivors of sexual assault, would have a similar attitude towards rape and I strongly doubt it he has done any substantial research on the topic.

I think you did the right thing to cease contact with this person. Nothing good will come of any further interaction with him. He will just continue to press his case in the same manner he has done so before. I'm not a big proponent of censure measures here either, but in your situation I think I would've removed his comments. They have nothing to do with your story, are disrespectful and insulting, towards you and your friends.
I think, when I have a little more time, I'm going to dismantle this long post from the GreatLeveler.

I'm curious to see if he/she can hold up in a rational discussion.

I'm going to guess up front that the answer is no.

Sometimes there are just too many idiots to deal with. I'm only one person and addressing all the crap these people put out is time consuming.
Mr. Leveler, just a small point. These are issues I have researched for quite a few years. I don't state a fact unless I'm absolutely sure it IS a fact. Generally I include links to the source(s) of my facts.

You, by contrast, don't seem to feel your opinions require support. You don't 'think' there are many college students who would align themselves with any of my statements. Hmm. I'll go you one better. I would be very surprised if ANY college students aligned themselves with any of my statements. Unless of course, they want to hounded out of school. At best. And that would be just the beginning. Assuming we are talking about a male student, he would be lucky if he wasn't beaten by well-meaning defenders of feminine virtue. To death. His face would be plastered across every social media site. His parents, siblings, extended family would all know about it. And they would hear from all the people in their circles. The animosity directed toward his family could end up costing his parents their jobs. His younger siblings might have to change schools. The firestorm could very well end up attracting the attention of the national media.

There would be the usual hate mail ... including death threats.

Some boys might decide to rape his younger sister, just to make it more 'personal' for him.

Getting a job? Forget it. Nobody is going to hire this sick predator.

No Mr. Leveler, I don't think there will be 'many' who will align themselves.

Of course, that's why researchers have college students participate anonymously.

And the ANONYMOUS polls and surveys reveal that around HALF of male college students are willing to admit ANONYMOUSLY that they would RAPE a girl if they believed they would get away with it.

Now tell me, Mr. Leveler ... is this a 'perception' of mine? An 'opinion'? A 'view'? A 'belief'? An 'attitude'?

You can try to discredit ME until hell freezes over. It's not going to invalidate the research studies. It's not going to throw them under a pall of suspicion. I didn't do the studies. I simply report on them.

Sara brings up these horrific cases of violent kidnappings and rapes.

Really Sara? Did I say this is ok? No. I did not.

You are a shameless liar Sara. Do you even HAVE any morals?

Not only are you willing to go to any lengths to try to discredit me, but you have the fucking audacity to imply that what you experienced is similar to their experiences.

Sara, how could you dare to even hint that the experiences of these poor terrorized girls has ANY relationship whatsoever to your 'so-called' attempted rape?

It's sickening. Absolutely sickening.

I said females have evolved to survive rape. Even little girls will survive being raped by an adult. Very little girls.

It's extremely rare when a child dies from rape.

Sara (and the Christian conservatives ... and feminists) would have us believe that it's an act of violence. The rapist wants to hurt the victim. The rapist hates the victim. It's not about sex. It's about humiliating the victim. Making the victim suffer as much as possible.

So Sara. That what was going through the mind of your boyfriend?

He just wanted to hurt you? He hated you? Wanted to humiliate you? Wasn't about sexual pleasure?

Too funny.
Mr. Leveler sir. Do YOU have a computer? Oh good. Then why don't you PROVE I'M LYING? It's really easy to do.

YOU go to Pandoras and read what they tell the 'survivors' of CSA.

Pandora and I do not share the same 'attitude'.

They are very much against it. I am not in FAVOR of it, but I do recognize how powerful the biological drive is.
Sara, I read as much of Pywacket's bizarre and mostly irrelevant commentary as I could stand. His remarks about sexual assault are especially offensive and I was really disgusted to see how he polluted the comments section of your lovely story about your love for your girlfriend. Basically, this guy is a thoroughly obnoxious pseudo-intellectual troll with way too much time on his hands. If you won’t block him, do yourself a favor and cease interacting with him until he starts taking his meds again. There are only so many hours in the day and I can’t believe your time wouldn’t be better spent conversing with people who have something worthwhile to say.
sarabee1995 · 22-25, F
Thanks Danny. You're very right about the time commitment and Mr Py certainly has more time than I do to invest in these "discussions"! But there are some things that I just can't leave unanswered. I guess we can consider that one of my personality flaws! :-)
As a victim of sexual assault i have to say something here,rape is not natural,there is nothing natural about it.We as women cannot suffer through this horrific crime and be expected to go on with life as normal,it is not that simple...It can take months or years just to come to terms with what happened...We feel violated and unsafe,we lose trust in humans...Then there is the day of court of the accused where we have to relieve the who horrible incident all over again,we must tell what happened and answer many questions with yes or no...We must face our attacker while being questioned by the defense attorney who basically tries to pressure us into admitting we set ourselves up for the assault or admit we other wise encouraged the ruthless attack on us..There are not only physical wounds but mental ones also..The nightmares that exist,the feeling we get when we are out in public and people stare at us giving us the feeling every one knows...It is even worse in a small town like where i live,every one knew about it from reading the paper and watching the news on television,every time i was out it seemed to me like people were staring at me as if saying "hey there is the girl who was raped" Our self esteem is torn away and we must cope with that also,life did not simply return to normal...

Pywacket's statements about our bodies being designed through evolution to be raped and be rewarded by nature for it is the most ridiculous thing i ever heard of,that is not what our bodies were evolutionary designed for,just because we have a vagina and breasts does not mean our bodies were created solely for the purpose of rape..We all know they type of people who commit sexual assault and why they do it,whatever the reason is not a valid reason to commit sexual assault...In the case of my assault and the attempted assault of the author of this post,neither of wanted it,neither of us set ourselves up for it,both were committed by people we trusted not to ever do something like that,rape is not a sign you love some one..No woman who has ever been raped has been walking down a street,no woman who has ever been raped have been with someone they trust and loved and had that person say, "I love you" and commit the act after,that is not a sign of love.Some men feel they cannot have sex with someone willing,so they feel they need to instead force themselves upon the female no matter if the female says no or not,No should mean no..Because we resist and attempt to fight back does not mean we are doing so playfully,when we resist in turn makes the male even more aroused and think we are playfully resisting,No,we are trying to protect ourselves..We do what we have to do and can to protect ourselves from such things,in the case of what happened to the Author of this post,she had the ability to defend off her boyfriend who refused to accept her saying no,she had do what was necessary to defend herself...At the time i was assaulted i wish i had the same opportunity to do as she did,but my attacker was twice my size and attacked as i was in my bed asleep,not giving me time to be able to defend myself,i made the attempt though...

That night haunted me for years after,i had nightmares and forced me to make many changes in my life,i could not sleep at night without locking my door,it changed how i acted,i was always more on guard taking more precautions to protect myself...I never went any where alone,day or night..I carried items for self defense and maybe i over reacted a few times in using them but better safe than sorry! I took self defense classes and learned to defend myself without weapons,i still to this day practice what i was taught and i exercise several times a week to be as physically fit and strong as possible for someone my size...Also i was taught by my Grandfather to shoot and purchased a firearm to protect myself...I go to the shooting range to keep my shooting skills sharp,i also took a firearms course and obtained a concealed carry permit..Would i shoot someone in self defense,yes i would and i have,but that is another story...

I agree with Sara that Pywacket's view on rape is dangerous,as is Mr.Pywacket,it is as if he is saying from the moment we are born and we are females,we all exist to be raped,to me that is such a Neanderthal way of thinking...
If you say rape is natural,as a sexual assault victim there was nothing natural about it to me...

I did suffer a lot and still do from time to time..
Sexual violation does suck,i am not saying only women are victims..I know why a sexual violation is so horrific,i was raped..I know why and do not need to seek the answer,same with any sexual assault vicitim..

Sex is a sacred thing between 2 people who are in love,it is special between the two,rape is not special,not one woman in my support group said it was special compared to consensual sex,...
Not at all,women handle things differently than men do,its like being shot or stabbed,once a victim,always a victim!

I'm so sorry that you have to encounter people who espouse such ridiculous views. The problem is that this guy takes one thing that is true (i.e., that rape does occur in nature in various species, including human beings, unfortunately) and then draws ridiculous conclusions and makes ridiculous statements based on that singular thing.

By his logic, murder happens, so everybody should just "suck it up," and if you get murdered, then you should "enjoy it" and "accept it." That obviously makes no sense. Just because some people do bad things (e.g., rape, murder) does not mean that anyone (or we, as a society) should just accept it.

To the contrary, we should do our best to think about what is right and just within the constructs of our society (e.g., civil liberties, but to understand and appreciate that one person's rights end where another person's rights begin).

Also, let's assume, arguendo, that all of us men are "hardwired" to have the potential to rape. I don't believe that, but let's assume he is correct just for the sake of the argument. Does that mean that we all should? Does it make it right? Of course not. Even if we are all "animals" and "hardwired" to possibly do bad things, does not mean we should and does not mean that we should rise above it and use our brains.

I do believe that human beings are animals, and like all animals, we have evolved (or, at least, most of us have evolved -- when I hear stories about people like this who try to defend rape, it makes me question how evolved those people are). We, as a society, have declared it wrong for one person to rape another person, and anyone who does so risks going to jail for a long time (where that person would belong). Period, end of sentence. What this guy has said is simply contrary to law.

This guy is obviously welcome to his opinions, and he is even free to voice his opinions. We are obviously free to our opinions, and we are free to ridicule him for his backwards, cave-man, sexist, ridiculous opinions. We are also free to ignore and block him. Life is too short to waste time dealing with people like him. But, most importantly, if he were to ever try to act on his beliefs, I hope that (1) whoever he tries to rape is well-versed in martial arts and/or self-defense and kicks him out of the gene pool, and (2) he still goes to prison for a long time. We simply have no place in our society for people like that. So long as he confines his ridiculous views to words only, he can remain a part of our society, no matter how repulsive he is, and those of us who are civilized and evolved need to just tune him out -- that is the price we pay for the first amendment -- and he can continue to say ridiculous things to any audience who is willing to listen. I, for one, am not willing to waste any time with people like him. He is a lost cause. He is not someone who will change. It is obvious from his comments. I recommend you not waste any further time with him. Instead, you should spend your time interacting with people who are positive, supportive people in your life, and to the extent you want to engage in charity, I recommend you save such time/energy/effort for those more deserving and more likely to learn and grow from your efforts.

Best regards,
sarabee1995 · 22-25, F
Thanks Aaron! Something tells me you know a thing or two about the law! ;-)

I've thought about his logic chain as well and reached the same conclusion. Thanks for the explanation.
Loser. Blocked. See how easy that was, Sara?
Well stated and totally agree
Pywaket is just a sick person. I'm not shocked by what he said here because that's what he always been saying, especially if you contact him through PM, he tells you everything. He pretty much said all children have fantasies of having sex with adults. Rape is not harmful because most victims enjoy it but christians 'indoctrinate' children to think otherwise, so when perpratrator gets jail time for their crimes, its the christians fault because perpratrator did nothing wrong (Can you get any more deluded then that?) He doesn't just think rape is natural but he also thinks pedophilia is. He pretty much said all men are pedophiles that fantasize having sex with prebuscent girls, and all children fantasize having sex with adults therefore there's nothing wrong with having sex with underage children. He designs his arguments in a way that it program and manipulate you to agree with what he says (He actually admitted this to me) He harasses, bullies, insults anyone with a different opinion to him, he nearly gave me a mental breakdown from all the mental abuse and the constant belittling, insults, and attempts to program me just because I didn't agree with anything he wrote. Best thing to do is ignore him. Its relieving to see I'm not the only one who had to go through his bullshit but its sad he continues to do this.
sarabee1995 · 22-25, F
Hey girl...thanks for the comment and the support. I am well aware of his insulting and bullying strategies. He seems to resort to them anytime someone disagrees with him, and he readily admits to this. If you've genuinely been that bothered by him in the past then maybe just ignore this story, okay? I'd love to meet and get to know you if you want, but maybe this story isn't the best way for us to meet? K? Message me anytime.
I don't need to ignore this story I've already read it, but I understand what you're saying. Thanks for your concern but I'm not bothered. Its clear to see now you know who you dealing with and that's good. Thanks for the welcome.
sarabee1995 · 22-25, F
No worries! And, very nice to meet you! ;-)

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