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I Am Having a Bad Day

Can someone make my day better please? 馃槧

First got towed and had to pay almost 300$ to get my car back, then I had to turn around on the way to work to go back and grab paperwork I had left. Now that I'm late jlI just realized I have to get off the highway to get gas because I'll run out before I get to work. Fml
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V00dooCakeNinja Best Comment
I would send boobs but then you'll implode and I dont want that on my conscience
[@1122145,Chasingthesun] holy fuck she's got some big fucking titties 馃槻
Chasingthesun41-45, F
[@353058,Complexconfessions] I'm glad you like her lol, I aim to please 馃グ
[@1122145,Chasingthesun] I wish everyone had that attitude 馃槼馃槄

Coralmist36-40, F
Just take deep breaths and know, I got this. 馃尰馃尭
Coralmist36-40, F
[@353058,Complexconfessions] No prob. I get anxiety, a Lot. Another technique I've read about is think from the END ..of a situation, and how you want to feel. So envision already feeling calm or relief etc, and it'll make the event much simpler.
[@562099,Coralmist] I'll try it, sounds alot better than beating someone's ass 馃槀 How often does it work for you?
Coralmist36-40, F
[@353058,Complexconfessions] lol. Just a tad better. Well it has helped me a couple times, and I realized my thoughts or emotions ABOUT the situation were worse than what was actually happening. My mind often overthinks or reacts. Another thing that has REALLY helped me is the quote, Nothing is true. By Byron Katie. It immediately diffuses my anxiety and I feel better.
Just be happy you have your car and the money to get it back cause some people dont have all that in the first place

Anyway. Hope your day gets better 馃槂馃檪
Chasingthesun41-45, F
Awwwe, bless your heart. I wrote a post once praising hard working men. I admire y'all so much for putting forth your best effort and working your butts off, especially those of you who don't particularly love your job. I hope your day gets better. I hope you cross paths with someone who brightens your day. Hugs and more hugs
[@1122145,Chasingthesun] thank you sweetie鈽猴笍

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I Am Having a Bad Day
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