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I Am Very Confused and Want a Muffin

I really want a poppy seed muffin, those are my favorites! But once I learned they can show up in a drug screening as evidence of drugs in your system, I stopped eating them. They do random UAs for employees every month at my workplace and all it takes is for me to have a muffin on the day I happen to be chosen for a random UA and I'm screwed. 馃槬
They did it on Mythbusters and it is true. You have to eat ALOT of it though, I don't think one muffin is going to ruin you.
Carverr31-35, F
[@336791,PotPrincess] I used to eat one every morning, lol. But now I'm too paranoid.
LvChris41-45, M
Just talk to a boss at work, as stupid as it sounds, and see what they say about it. Something like, "I really like them, but I really like the job and don't want to risk losing it. What do you think?" they might laugh, or they might already know that that's a thing and say "...just, eat a muffin. It's fine."
kodiac18-21, M
Can the morphine from poppy seeds be detected in a sample?
Research shows that morphine and codeine can sometimes be detected in the urine up to 48 hours after ingestion of poppy seeds from some pastries, such as bagels, muffins, and cakes (see reference one for a free article on this topic).In most cases, consumption of poppy seeds in foods will not cause a positive doping test.

However, it may be possible to exceed the morphine threshold by eating foods with poppy seeds and USADA can鈥檛 predict how long morphine or morphine metabolites from poppy seeds will stay in your system. The most conservative approach would be to avoid poppy seeds a few days before testing.
SatyrService100+, M
I have encountered this idea, and I've been told that it poppy seed muffin will not make you test positive for opiates. Seems the seeds don't have any in it, especially after they've been cooked. Enjoy your muffin!
Carverr31-35, F
[@10989,SatyrService] Tempting but it's not worth the risk.
lilcountrygrl36-40, F
Is that really true? They still can't figure out how to take that into account? How are we supposed to enjoy our muffins knowing it could cost us our jobs???
Carverr31-35, F
[@679480,lilcountrygrl] Only for poppy seed muffins though. Saying you ate a muffin when it shows up in your drug screening isn't viable though since one who does use drugs could just as easily say they were eating poppy seed muffins. :/
They don't show up in high amount.

Any place that drug tests overlook that tiny amount of opiods.
I had not heard of this. I'm not usually fond of muffins but now I will avoid them for sure.
SW User
Wowww. That's pretty messed up! You make me want a muffin though. Lol
Crazywaterspring56-60, M
Eat your muffins. Any amount would be waaaay too small for a workplace screening to detect.
SW User
You can explain it
SW User
[@27917,Carver] you'd have to eat a shit ton of them though Alex, one a day isn't going to show up in a high enough quantity to make the test positive.
Carverr31-35, F
[@595492,Heartless] I'm too paranoid and don't want to risk it. 馃槱
SW User
[@27917,Carver] oh Al :(

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