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How do I pick a career?
When I get to grade 10 I am supposed to pick a career to work on, but how does anyone know that?
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Nov 17, 2016
SW User
Don't you have interests or something?
TeenWonder · F
Well I love Animals and beaches and going out to dinner.
SW User
Do you like biology?
You could become a animal biologist... Or something along those lines.
TeenWonder · F
Is a biologist a hard subject to do? Is that like being a doctor or something? Maybe I could have a Kennel or something?
Ronin8510 · 31-35, M
You don't lol

I thought I was going to be a solider, after I left the Army, I thought I was gonna be a cop

...I am now studying nursing. Life is funny like that
Ronin8510 · 31-35, M
What are you thinking of doing with your life?
TeenWonder · F
I guess I just want to move out and get a job and be with someone I care about, some kids eventually, and this career stuff seems like a lot of work but I dont want to be poor either.
Ronin8510 · 31-35, M
No you don't want to be poor, its not fun. I would recommend being curious, explore some careers, take general educations in college to get a feel for the subjects you may be interested in, and then make a decision. In your late teens and most of your 20's you have a lot of time to "make mistakes" and explore!
vaneese · 31-35, F
go with what will pay and where there is a great need so that you will always be employed
TeenWonder · F
How do I know this? Is that on line someplace?
vaneese · 31-35, F
you could google if you are interested in a particular industry ie. healthcare, finance, education research which jobs in that area pays the most and you think you'd fit into and work towards it.
mljenkins · 46-50, F
Research, the internet, role models. There are amny resources for answering this.
TeenWonder · F
Ok thank you.
75savard · 18-21, M
Based on your hobby
Picklebobble · 51-55, M
It'll come to you.
Way too early yet.
LvChris · 36-40, M
Very few people can pick what they will want to do even by the time they are out of college, let alone in high school. Just choose something that sounds fun for now and change your mind any time you want.
TeenWonder · F
I like this answer thank you.
Thodsis · 46-50, M
Maybe start by thinking of the jobs that you wouldn't want to do. That might narrow things down a bit.
TeenWonder · F
That would be a long list. A lot of stuff I dont know if I would like or not.
Thodsis · 46-50, M
Good point. It's worth trying out as many things as you can.

And to paraphrase a quote I heard somewhere - 'the most interesting people you'll meet still don't yet know what they're going to do with the rest of their lives'. :)
Thodsis · 46-50, M
@ThodsisLorafark: PS. I've just remembered that quote that I couldn't properly remember. It's from 'Everybody's Free (To Wear Sunscreen) by Baz Luhrmann'. Go listen to it. It might help in a vague way.
IAmOlivia · F
Pick a career in the 10th grade? I have trouble knowing what to wear?
IAmOlivia · F
Well if you had to be something right now what would you be? I think I would be a famous actress? lol You could be my business manager. What could possibly go wrong?
TeenWonder · F
Right now I would be happy working in a restaurant or something but thats not really a career is it. Something that let me travel maybe? or something with animals.
IAmOlivia · F
@TeenWonder: I would love to travel too. So many places I want to go. I would love Paris but maybe when we are older we might go to Mars? Me too on animals. I would love to be around horses. They are so beautiful.
RealMustangGuy · 56-60, MVIP
As most others have said, 10th grade is too early to pick a career for most people. You could begin to have ideas by that age, but certainly not anything definite. For example, if you like to write, you could begin exploring careers in editing, journalism, or related fields.

I know this is a requirement of your school, so you have to give this the necessary attention. But don't consider it something that you won't be able to change when you grow up.

The most important thing about any career that you might go into is that it be something you will like to do and enjoy working at. And it is very hard to know what that will be at your age now.

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