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Did this dude literally just tell his gf
[c=#4C0073] “You need to be with a dude that beat your azz everyday then you’d see what real abuse looks like. You’d really appreciate me then.” Where dafuq do they find these dudes? Is there a shitty bf R US somewhere I don’t know about? [/c]
31-35, F
35 replies
Jul 17, 2019
StevenIzzi · 46-50, M
It's only funny til someone makes him their bitch.
StevenIzzi · 46-50, M
[@26739,VioletRayne] He does not need to hit her to validate that he is a punk.

He can (and is) still a disrespectful douche and deserves to be alone.
VioletRayne · 31-35, F
[@393772,Izzi1s] [c=#4C0073]oh yeah he needs to go ASAP. But some chicks just don’t want to let go[/c]
StevenIzzi · 46-50, M
Of course not, the problem is that he has done a serious number on her self esteem and thus feels that she would rather be miserable than alone because he has her thinking that nobody will want her.
SW User
Lmao his girlfriend better leave him
VioletRayne · 31-35, F
[@4536,Alex1610] [c=#4C0073]exit stage left with the quickness [/c]
SW User
[@26739,VioletRayne] Hahahaha yes
MsAnnThropy · 36-40, F
He sounds really charming. A guy every woman wants. 🙄
VioletRayne · 31-35, F
[c=#4C0073][@425079,MsAnnThropy] I’m shook. He said that in public like it was normal. Like he was reciting his grocery list. I’m done. [/c]
Zenni · F
He sounds like a douche. I hope she leaves his retarded ass!
VioletRayne · 31-35, F
[@674752,ZenLioness] [c=#4C0073]I hope so too. I was ready to deck him and I don’t even know the girl.[/c]
Lissa · 31-35, F
Well he sounds charming. I'd love for him to be my bf and talk to me like that. That mf would be afraid to go to sleep.
VioletRayne · 31-35, F
[@585989,LostLissa] [c=#4C0073]A woman after my own heart. I was ready to pack up n leave him and it wasn’t even my boyfriend. [/c]
tallpowerhouseblonde · 31-35, F
[@585989,LostLissa] He would not dare to talk to you like that.
tallpowerhouseblonde · 31-35, F
His gf needs to dump his ass.Do it in public just like this was.
snofan · M
[@1613,tallpowerhouseblonde] Amen sister!
VioletRayne · 31-35, F
[@1613,tallpowerhouseblonde] [c=#4C0073]She didn’t [/c]
tallpowerhouseblonde · 31-35, F
[@26739,VioletRayne] I would scratched out his eyes immediately if he spoke to me like that.
snofan · M
Was this to you?
VioletRayne · 31-35, F
[@35148,snofan] [c=#4C0073]Oh No. I don’t know anyone dumb enough to think they’d get past azz before some would need to call the police to get me off of them.[/c]
SageAdvice · F
[b][i]Yo-yo-yo! Get the strap![/i][/b] 🔫
VioletRayne · 31-35, F
[@14233,SageAdvice] IKR!
He deserves to be forever alone ☹️☹️☹️☹️☹️☹️☹️☹️☹️☹️
VioletRayne · 31-35, F
[@435994,MightyAphrodite] [c=#4C0073]Sad thing is she didn’t throw a drink in his face n give him the bird like I wanted her to.[/c]
[@26739,VioletRayne] or even told her, run as fast as you can
DeWayfarer · 61-69, M ? 🤔
VioletRayne · 31-35, F
[@412417,DeWayfarer] [c=#4C0073]I dunno, but wherever she caught this fish she needs to throw him back preferably into some rocks [/c]
DeWayfarer · 61-69, M
[@26739,VioletRayne] Oh that would be 😈
VioletRayne · 31-35, F
[@412417,DeWayfarer] 💀💀💀💀

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