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Do you think one of my cousins was rude? (Honest opinion)

I have two little cousins that are so adorable but I keep forgetting their names. I was like, “I’m sorry I keep forgetting their names. What are their names again?”
He was like, “I’m not telling you because you’re just going to forget again. Hahahaha”
I was like, “Just tell me.”
He’s like, “NO! I an NOT telling you again. I’ve told you MANY TIMES. What’s the point? You’re just going to forget again. That’s what you do best. Just go over there and forget.”
I don’t know if he was just joking but it hurt me. His brother said, “Well YOU shouldn’t have asked. He shouldn’t have to keep telling you. Plus it’s annoying having to repeat the same answers over and over again. I don’t blame him. So forgetful hahahaha.”
I said, “Just forget it!” They didn’t respond.
How rude!
I was having a bad day at work and I didn’t need criticism and harsh things said to me.
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Surely you can remember the names of your own cousins?
[@1205258,SydneyGuy] well they’re like my step cousins
Oberon1 · 56-60, M
You can't be rude until you are 12. It's a completely different world before that dreadful age! 😏
melissa001 · F
Can't blame them. I'd probably do the same thing
[@507791,melissa001] Wow really? You’re going to be rude? My brother told me the same thing he said he would’ve done the same thing and he doesn’t blame him. He told me that nobody likes to repeat the same answers if you can’t even remember it and I chose I don’t listen.
Lackwittyname · 46-50, M
Probably hurts their feelings that you cannot remember their names, as if they are not significant people. Maybe write the names down or store them on your phone so you can have a reminder.
BooBaby17 · 26-30, F
[@1430,Lackwittyname] I saw this answer and I had to give you around of applause for this answer. If that person has to keep asking that or ask the same one over and over again, that shows they don’t give a damn to remember. It isn’t that HARD. @Autisticyoungwoman2002 that shows that you don’t care and it’s frustrating to keep telling you. I don’t blame them. 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻
[@1430,Lackwittyname] Screw you!!!! I can’t believe you’re rooting for them and going against me! You are so harsh!
[@1216050,BooBaby17] DONT ENCOURAGE HIM! You’re just going to make him be blunt more. I can’t believe you are taking his side!
BooBaby17 · 26-30, F
Frankly I don’t blame him. I would reacted the same way. I mean how could you not remember the names of your own cousin? Your relatives! I mean come on now (snaps fingers). You should just write it on a piece of paper. WAKE UP and pay attention! That’s just really pathetic that you can’t even remember on family members’ name. Yes it sounds blunt but remember YOU asked so don’t get it angry at me when YOU’RE the me that asked.
[@1216050,BooBaby17] So you are saying it’s my fault?! I don’t see them every damn day. He didn’t have to be rude. He said, “What’s the point if you’re just going to forget again. You’re a forgetful person so I’m not telling you anymore. What are you going to do, cry to your daddy because you can’t handle honesty?”
Mktonght · 61-69, M
To forgive is what is needed, rudeness is bad but you never know what the thinking was in his head.
Just go on and forget the rude response.
[@8131,Mktonght] I just can’t believe some people are siding with him! I’m done
Mktonght · 61-69, M
[@1132160,AutisticYoungWoman2002] I am not siding at all with him.
I just think you are beating yourself up, when there is nothing you can do to change his rude behavior.

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