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How do I find the answer?
This probably doesn't make sense to people with a healthier self-esteem, but how do I get the answers for the question, "What do I like about myself?" I am having unexpected difficulty with this and I'd like the insight of someone that went through this.
22-25, M
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Nov 20, 2016
Well first, you take a good look at yourself. Then when you don't like anything, think why. After the why, understand the why. Identify root cause and beat the shit out of the identified root cause. Then say fuck you to root cause and be awesome. The path to awesomeness. True story.
wanderlinglilacs22 · 22-25, F
Become the person you want to be. Everyone has something to offer in this world. Sadly, many of us are our own harshest critics. Never change to cater to someone else. Accept your flaws, as well as, your strengths. Only then will you find inner peace. Surround yourself with positive thoughts...but, more importantly, stop focusing on yourself...and, instead, maybe direct your attention elsewhere, or caring for another human being! You'd be surprised by how lighter you feel, how much clarity you've gained if you've met a person less fortunate than you. I don't discount your feelings; I speak from experience when I say it's still a struggle for me...a work in progress actually. Best wishes to you! I hope, someday, you will truly love yourself, and see that you are worthy of it just as much as anyone else! Never forget that, and God love you!! :)
Atavist · 22-25, M
As I know, people who think like you are often smart people who sees the good in others, criticize themselves and compare themselves to the best of all. 👍
There's many answers to that, but if you don't love yourself, no one else is going to do the loving you need to do for yourself right now, because nobody understands nor will care for you like you can. You know best what you need. What's not to like? So you make mistakes. What human doesn't? That's life. Helps you grow. Don't beat yourself up. Honor yourself. You only get one shot at life, so why not give yourself the best? No one is above you, and no one is below you. You have to live with yourself, so why would you choose to hate who you are, when you can just as easily choose to love yourself? Negativity will [b]always[/b] get you [i]nowhere.[/i] Neither will feeling sorry for yourself. Not saying you do, just saying. It's called Life, for a reason. It's meant to be lived. [i]If you don't love yourself and take care of yourself, somebody else WILL, and I doubt very much you'll enjoy their "care".[/i] Life is too precious to hand over to someone else. Go to YouTube and there are many self-help videos to stop negativity in your life, as well as build confidence, self-esteem, or change your life. Look up and also read the reviews on YouTube of the meditation tape called, "Change Your Life in 7 Days". I believe that is Paul McKenna's tape. Stick with him only, because he's the best. He's has tapes for everything.

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