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Is he avoiding me, or is it something else?
Hey, everyone.

Now, I feel weird asking this, but it's bugging me.

In late Feb, I made a new friend. I ended up really hitting off with her, and we spend every weekend together at her place.

The landlord lives next door, and has three sons that are friends with them.

There's one thats pretty cool, the only one I like honestly haha. If I sneeze, he's the only one to say bless you, or he would go out of his way to say hi to me.

Last weekend, we got along better than ever. We sat next to each, touching sides that how close while I showed him videos of my friends husband drunk. (I had permission)

That night my friends went out of town, and I stayed to watch their dogs.

The guy came over to wash clothes, and I tell him to go put them in the laundry.
He makes conversation, puts laundry on, makes a joke, then leaves.
Fast forward to laundry being done. He comes over, and is fixing to leave.
I go to show him, and he stands really close again.

Now, I told you all that because it started yesterday.
It was the first time I seen him since then.

He didn't talk to me at all, and seemed to go outside when I was in the same room.
I was going to say hi, till I noticed this.

He was fine till I came, and sat down then he would leave, and go stand outside.

Im confused at what's going on, lol.
26-30, F
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Apr 28, 2019
Edited: 9 mths ago
JovialPlutonian · 31-35, M
He likes you?
JovialPlutonian · 31-35, M
[@331468,MissScarlett] sorry when you said you made a new friend and you spend every weekend at her place I thought... 😗
MissScarlett · 26-30, F
[@9972,JovialPlutonian] LOL! No, nothing like that.
JovialPlutonian · 31-35, M
[@331468,MissScarlett] lol well then in that case show him how you feel, enjoy x
LyricalOne · F
He’s the only one with the answer.

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