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How to get past a mild identity crisis?
For a while ive been unhappy with my physical self. Ive always wanted the superpower of being a shapeshifter so I could shift into other beings and escape the limits of my body. Within the last year ive noticed ive been more and more wanting to be female. I would never actually want to persue it because of money and social reasons as well as the fact that im heterosexual. I suck at writing this. Anyways Ive been trying to sct more “manly” and accept myself for who I am but it just doesn't feel right. At school 90% of my friends are female and one of my fee male friends asked me once wether I was a guy or a girl because he honestly said I looked like a guy but I acted like a girl. People a lot of times think im gay which isnt true either. I just dont know what to do. Sorry if this is just a jumble of text and sorry for the typos, im shaking writing this from nerves.

16-17, T
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Mar 6, 2018
Edited: 1 yr ago

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