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What would you want for a birthday gift?
18-21, M
19 replies
Mar 26, 2017
Antiquity · F
A nice, long hug.
itjustbegan · 18-21, M
Something that you could buy with money.
Antiquity · F
@itjustbegan: A high class escort to hug.
itjustbegan · 18-21, M
And what if someone offers you that with something else?
Triplets111 · 56-60, F
Yes I would
goagainsttheflow · 22-25, F
itjustbegan · 18-21, M
That's a must. What else?
goagainsttheflow · 22-25, F
@itjustbegan: ...A second cake!
itjustbegan · 18-21, M
Kill me
NigelDoes · 51-55, M
Nothing whatsoever. I don't celebrate my birthday.
itjustbegan · 18-21, M
For anniversary?
Triplets111 · 56-60, F
I want a tattoo which I'm going to get my kids are paying for it I'm very lucky
itjustbegan · 18-21, M
lol good fr you
Alison ·
A copy of Ed Woods book. It could be ironically funny I'm thinking.
Avocadewms · 22-25
Sewing machine
FurryFace · 56-60, M
a super computer
BlueMetalChick · 22-25, F
A new pair of leather boots. My beloved ground pounders are getting old. They were vintage to begin with. I got 'em from the army surplus store. The leather is cracked and starting to peel off in places or is worn down thin enough to see the canvas underneath. And as pretty as my phantom boots are, they're not waterproof or anything like that. They're not rugged boots. They're more for show.
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