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If you were a videogame character, what would your idle animation be?
I'm thinking.. Maybe cleaning my glasses? Or zoning out/daydreaming.
18-21, F
17 replies
Feb 21, 2017
GoldenXena · 26-30, T
Pulling out my phone and tapping away at it.
GwydionFrost · 51-55, M
"The Brain Storm". Million different images/ideas in a nebulous portal to another dimension trying to manifest into ours...
Diyanne · F
[c=#BF0000]I can push things or people using my super power hands, and I can walk faster than you've ever seen. [/c]
DanielChristensen · 41-45, M
lol awesome. I can eat a very large sandwich ;)
Diyanne · F
@DanielChris[c=#BF0080]Ohhh yeahhh....😁😄[/c]
chocolatecupcakes · 16-17, F
Martial Arts stretches
ScarletWitch · 22-25, F
Pulling out a smoke.
Electric boogaloo
DanielChristensen · 41-45, M
No doubt on this one. I sprained my left knee when I was 15 when I was attacked and my right knee when I was 23, dancing like a lunatic on 22 double shots of tequila. The pain was unbelievable. When sitting idle I will often absent mindedly rub my kneecaps with my palms.
SandInMyShoes · 31-35, F
Having a cigarette or checking my phone.
HipYoungDude · 22-25, M
Wiggling my butt or flexing my butt muscles.
MartinTheFirst · 18-21, M
Scratching my chin thoughtfully
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