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I feel like the human race is closer to its animal primal form now more than ever...

All people talk about is psycho analysing the people around them in a way to undermine them.
They are aggressive hungry and out for the hunt and don't seem to care who they step on.
They're cunning and fake kindness to get them through the right door.
They have to be told so they can treat others with compassion because it's not on their agenda or not a natural instinct.
What have we done?!?!
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lovelywarpedlemon · 26-30, F
well there's politicians who spend billions of dollars. there's advertisers who spend billions of dollars. there's corrupted citizens who are suffering brainwashed. all to keep this ball of hate rolling. there are poor people just trying to survive but many of them are artists, educators. there's all kinds in this sea of chaos.

these are tense times.
Peppa · 26-30, F
[@417823,lovelywarpedlemon] it's seriously tense and nasty times and people can't seem to see exactly what is going on.
They are soaking it up like sponge.
lovelywarpedlemon · 26-30, F
[@305137,Peppa] yep it's scary how history repeats itself
ViciDraco · 36-40, M
It's because we measure success by wealth. People have been taught to value things instead of relationships.

When a person can grow successful by undervaluing the contributions of others it becomes a natural progression that people start to treat each other like stepping stones
ViciDraco · 36-40, M
[@305137,Peppa] I think most people aren't so bad, but the ones who are know how to fake it so well as to cast doubt on everyone else. And that level of distrust, once sewn makes it difficult for people to open up once again. And so even those who are not so bad wall themselves away and become cold and unreachable.
Peppa · 26-30, F
[@657984,ViciDraco] Well I'm not cold nor unreachable but I am distant and I'm aware there are good people out there I met one just recently but again a nasty person is trying to keep us separate because she is afraid we will gang up against her. She's a bully and rubbish at her job, but she uses these mean tactics so that she can keep people fearful of her and isolated as they try and hide to avoid her. Keeping her in power. She is the perfect example of what's wrong with the world. Instead of being a nicer person she's become angry and bitter as she is unable to hold down a job I think due to her mental health issues.
caesar7 · 56-60, M
[@657984,ViciDraco] Very good point indeed.
TinyViolins · 31-35, M
There's an argument out there that human behavior is governed more or less along the lines of constraints. Whatever there is a scarcity of determines how we react and how we structure our lives.

For instance, in pre-society days, the biggest constraint humans had was food. We learned to hunt and gather and live nomadically because that's what our behavior called. Later on we developed trades and markets and money became the biggest constraint. We invented jobs and businesses and commodities and money became the cornerstone of our societies and it became the controlling factor in people's lives. Before that you can look at things like land and the age of exploration and conquests and empires. Human dignity never really mattered. People were just tools to serve in the interest of a greater societal beckoning.

And now you have what is called the 'attention economy' where people's time is now the biggest constraint. There's a flood of content and entertainment and rapid-fire news cycles that are all competing for our time. We have stopped consuming the product and have reached the point where we ARE the product. These platforms depend on our viewership and engagement and are pulling all the stops necessary to keep us addicted.

What that ends up doing is showing us the most superficial and most extremes of human behavior. It is sensationalizing the actions of a small number and amplifying the loudest voices in the room. You look at the way these outlets portray human behavior and become either mystified or enraged because anything less than that isn't very good at retaining our attention, and more often than not it is the latter because our brains are wired to be more attuned to negative outcomes.

And what ends up happening is that we don't even see individuals anymore, but we see people as mouthpieces for various political or social ideologies. We see each other as perverse and destructive and fundamentally irredeemable. And it's sad because the people we see in the real world are almost never as bad as the ones we see online. And its because the attention economy forces drive us to conflict and indignation.

It's sad because most people think that what they see online or on the news is an accurate reflection of what people are like in their daily lives
We are pretty much the same as we have always been
Peppa · 26-30, F
[@417364,Ozymandias] we need Michael Jackson again when he was around he made everything OK

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