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Quasi serious question about blocking

All kidding aside, blocking is a curious pattern.

In life, we can’t block people. If someone is so abrasive, we find ways to avoid them. But it’s impossible to avoid aunt Sally at Thanksgiving.

Blocking on Twitter has literally been in the news for the last couple of years, mostly in the orbit around the President, but certainly he wasn’t the only one.

Is blocking making us dumber? Shouldn’t we do a better job at being able to either deal with nuisances or hold the real trouble makers accountable?
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yes, learn to communicate and deal and tolerate
BettyBeez · F
Of course you can avoid Sally. You either dont go to dinner or perfect the art of tuning her out. Completely. Like she doesn’t exist
JoeyFoxx · 51-55, M
[@1055099,BettyBeez] but keeping family peace can sometimes be more important
BettyBeez · F
[@802348,JoeyFoxx] not to meeeee
CheshireCatalyst · 36-40, M
Nobody unreasonable has ever been held accountable by reason. Blocking is preferable to a life of frustration.
JoeyFoxx · 51-55, M
[@337880,CheshireCatalyst] [quote]Nobody unreasonable has ever been held accountable by reason[/quote]

There are many ways to hold someone accountable, like denying them access to the things they want.

I understand your frustration, but I do not agree with your assertion.
SumKindaMunster · 51-55, M
No, you can't block in real life(unless a certain episode of Black Mirror comes to fruition) but you can and should avoid "toxic" personalities in your life.

Minimize exposure, and do your best to "manage" such personalities. If you are stuck visiting them, keep the conversations on neutral subjects, and put as much space as you can between yourself and the individuals who drag you down.
It damn sure is and making us weaker. We don't learn to deal and communicate, we block with the mentality of children
sarabee1995 · 26-30, F
[@1141631,Darkjava] It does remind me of middle school and holding up my hand into the face of someone trying to talk to me. 🤚
[@1360,sarabee1995] Yep. It's like babies running off to cry and pout cause they didn't get their way
sarabee1995 · 26-30, F
This may come as a surprise to you (or maybe not) but I have never used the blocking tool on SW. Ever.

I did use it when I first joined EP, but then I was 16 at the time and there were a lot of things I couldn't deal with. Including most people. But there came a point when I realized I had blocked so many people and couldn't even remember why. So I unblocked everyone.

The world didn't end.

My life didn't change.

But in saying all this, I recognize that this is just me. Not everyone can do this. But I actually want to maybe influence people even in a tiny way to be a better person tomorrow. I can't do that if I write them off.

With that said, I do filter my experience here. My feed is limited to my circle only so I don't see 99% of the stuff most people complain about anyway. I know it's here, I just choose not to go there.
JoeyFoxx · 51-55, M
[@1360,sarabee1995] This here is among the many reasons I admire you.
sarabee1995 · 26-30, F
[@802348,JoeyFoxx] Thanks :)
TheDevilYouNeed · 51-55, M
Sometimes there is no coming back form a block.
Lilymoon · F
I still wanna block Aunt Sally. 😝
JoeyFoxx · 51-55, M
[@1141547,Lillymoon] I know! Right??!!
BozoBoy · 31-35, M
Well I see too many faceless trolls on here who say stupid shit! It’s time to grow up people!

That’s why I block 😏

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