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I hate you guys and I hate this website!!

Too many brutally blunt people on here and every time I ask a question, I get harsh answer. I鈥檓 done being miss nice girl! Here鈥檚 an early Christmas gift for you meanies: 馃枙馃徎
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But I did nothing 馃憖 *holds tongue*
Zeusdelight56-60, M
You do seem a little angry at everything
[@1387,Zeusdelight] I鈥檓 only angry when someone is rude to me.
geoam151-55, M
You asked a question. It was answered. Do you want us to sugar-coat it for you. You're 18 act like it instead acting like you're 13.
[@100938,geoam1] Well no but hurting my feelings isn鈥檛 the way to go. They really hurt my feelings yesterday when I needed a hair advice. My other friends aren鈥檛 as brutally honest as my best friends but they are blunt. It seems that best friends are 鈥渕eaner鈥 to me.
geoam151-55, M
[@1132160,SweetiePieLay] that is because your best friends care about you
[@100938,geoam1] By being mean? So my friends that are just being 鈥渘ice鈥 is the worse? This makes no sense. My best friends always tells me off or calls me out in my face when I 鈥渁ct out鈥 or act stupid. Ugh I mean they should but they don鈥檛 have to me so mean and yell in my face.
Finger for Xmas? What did I do to deserve this
causernamebemyusername26-30, M
Anyone that claims to be nice but constantly throws fits isn't nice.
Dont worry I'm pretty sure most people here likely feel the same way about you
Go away kid 馃檮
Go annoy your dad
mrlopez26-30, M
sorry for not sugarcoating things but i heard diabetes sucks
SW User
You鈥檙e a really sweet and kind young woman , I think you鈥檙e very intelligent too. Maybe with your autism you might React to things differently or have a very different perspective to most people which is ok but I think you shouldn鈥檛 leave and should block those who upset you. I don鈥檛 think everyone means to offend you , some might , just don鈥檛 show them it bothers you , if you do then you are giving them a reason to continue their behaviour.
BarbieDollLover31-35, F
I'm not going to sugarcoat this. You keep asking the same goddamn questions and get angry when we give you honest answers. Also you get pissed off and yell at people if they don't agree with you especially when your best friends don't agree with you. They are best friends. They're supposed to tell it like it is. What kind of best friends would they be if they sugarcoated everything to you? The worst kind. You're making it very difficult for us or anybody to help you it sometimes we just can't do it anymore. Keep up with the ugly behavior and nobody's going to want to be around you.
[@1104146,BarbieDollLover] So you鈥檙e taking my best friends鈥 side?! I can鈥檛 believe you!! That was so harsh. So best friends are supposed to hurt your feelings with the truth? 馃槨馃槨馃が馃槶
BarbieDollLover31-35, F
[@1132160,SweetiePieLay] I'm not on anyone's side okay? I'm speaking the truth. Your best friends tell it like it (even if it hurts) is because they care about you. Would you rather be hurt by the truth or a lie? Your call.
Archtiger26-30, M
You can鈥檛 handle truth, clearly.

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