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Why do most women get stalked?

I’ve been stalked for the first time yesterday, because some men wouldn’t stop looking at me. I was with my sister in law, and 10 year old niece shopping. This man wouldn’t stop following me. It was creepy. I told my sister in law about it and she said to just don’t pay any attention and if he doesn’t anything, report it.
I hate it. I’m tall and big so what man would try to stalk an 18 year old me? I’m still a teenager.
I told my older brother that and he said, “I hate to say this sis, but you better get used to that because most men are like that and to put it bluntly, you’re female and females have attractive features. You’re going to get stalked once in a while. You gotta be very careful around your surroundings. If he lays a hand on you, report him!” My brother wasn’t making me feel any better. He said, “Who said I was trying to? I wasn’t. I’m telling you because it’s the truth. I’m a man and I know what men thing. We don’t sugarcoat our feelings. Be careful.”
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I am an old gal and schoolboys follow me around in the supermarket ....tsk tsk
Lillyth · 31-35
Because they are thought [i]women like that[/i] and that they can get away with it
leowander · M
I am glad to live in a small town. This is creepy. There are multiple ways to deal with this and it's good to be aware of your surroundings. Look around for security personnel and stay with the crowd if you think someone is following you. What you were told about men sounds like an overgeneralization. Most men are not going to behave in such a way to make you feel unsafe. If you are in a vehicle and are being followed, you should drive to a police station or some public place with a crowd of people.
4meAndyou · F
If someone is stalking you, always snap a picture with your phone. That way if he follows you home, or begins hanging out on your street, you can show the police a photo. If you are with someone, say something loudly like, "Oooo...look at those sneakers! Let me get a picture!" (But the picture you are getting is of the creeper).

As a young woman, you need to start carrying a small siren around your neck with an incredibly loud noise to it, so that if someone creepy gets too close to you, you can set it off. They have them with blinding lights, also.

Once you start driving, learn to carry your keys like spikes between your fingers, so if someone grabs you as you try to get into the car, you are armed and can try to punch him in the eyes or the balls.

Once this stupid virus is tamed a bit, and businesses re-open, you might want to think of taking a self defense class.
greenmountaingal · 70-79, F
To understand this whole subject better, I highly recommend that you read this book:

[i]The Gift of Fear[/i]
by Gavin DeBecker

There is a whole chapter on stalking in it. You will learn a lot. Decent men will not do anything that makes a woman feel unsafe.

This book is the best book you can read about being safe and recognizing bad people early before they can work their way into your life. And it does deal with stalkers and what to do about them.

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