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Musicluver · F Best Comment
Give Me Wings -

He asked her," What gift can I bring you
to prove that my love for you is true
I want to make you mine forever,
there's nothing in this world I would not do.
She said, "Anything I've wanted you have given willingly
so now there's only one thing that I need...
If you love me, give me wings. Don't be afraid if I fly.
A bird in a cage will forget how to sing,
If you love me, give me wings."
He walked over to the window, and silently stared into space.
He said, "I just want to protect you, cause this world is a dangerous
She put her arms around him, she said, "I know you mean well
but there's lessons I must learn for myself...
If you love me, give me wings. Don't be afraid if I fly.
A bird in a cage soon forgets how to sing
you can trust me, give me wings.
If you really love me, give me wings.
She said, "Up above the clouds you can see forever.
I know you and I can learn to fly together."
If you love me, give me wings. Don't be afraid if I fly.
A bird in a cage will forget how to sing,
if you love me, give me wings
If you really love me... give me wings.
Give me wings.
[@437203,Musicluver] i just simply adore this
Musicluver · F
[@630459,SimplyChantou] It's a great message.
[@437203,Musicluver] absolutely

LAlexV · 22-25, M
I’m bi. Whoever I date can hang out with whoever because if I don’t trust them what’s the point. Not saying it wouldn’t bother me with certain people but I would work through that myself.
[@694705,LAlexV] i agree
If you don't allow your partner to talk to people of a specific gender, then you don't trust your partner, which means you don't have a relationship
uncalled4 · 51-55, M
I have women friends, and I have no issue with my gf corresponding with her male friends
Lostpoet · 31-35, M
I agree it should be just friendly chit-chat no flirting.
sarahandahalf · 46-50, T
I expect to be allowed to talk to/be friends with whoever I do/am. So I give the same respect. I even allow light/harmless flirting....y'know, more silly playful flirting rather than anything serious.

But, I'm not really a jealous person.
summersong · F
I don’t ever want to be in a relationship where I’m not allowed to talk to someone or where I feel the need to limit who my partner can talk to.
[@334441,summersong] i get you, i was in that king of relationship for 21 yrs, i wasnt allowed ro have friends except those he introduced me too. never again
PrincessOfQuilts · 31-35, F
I would never try to dictate who my partner does/doesn't talk to and I wouldn't let them tell me who I can/can't talk to. As long as no cheating is going on I don't who they talk to.
Mouseinthehouse · 36-40, F
When I met my first partner I was 16 and had no family. He made me stop seeing my friends and when I went to work to support us both he spied on me and after work would shout accusations. Years later with him gone, I can finally talk to people and make a few friends without the guilt.
[@871343,Mouseinthehouse] i hear you, ive been there 21 yrs, its like being in prison.
Becksta · 36-40
A couple should have friends independently of each other - and they shouldn't be forced to choose the gender of their friends based on what their partner wants.

Anyone who thinks that they can restrict their partner to specific friends or no friends at all without a good reason for doing so needs to seek professional help for their insecurities.

A successful relationship needs to have trust in its foundations and if you can't trust your man or woman, then you shouldn't be in a relationship to start with.

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