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Social media (or shall I say Facebook) in real life
20 replies
Nov 1, 2016
I would enjoy that.
LifeisReal · M
Pretty sad. Guess I'm doing the same thing here. I post more on SW than fb.
Alex1610 · F
You're actually just sharing your talent to everyone :) and it is good!
AnukBinary · M
I want a burger😥
Alex1610 · F
Here you go 🍔
AnukBinary · M
😕😶😀😊🤗 thank you🙏
Alex1610 · F
😛 You're welcome
FurryFace · 61-69, M
ha ha , like
Alex1610 · F
Heart 😄
SW User
The weird part is people actually care.
FurryFace · 61-69, M
yeah about my Cake and club sandwich too but if i say hi , no response
😂 true story
Cooper802Forever · 18-21, M
Girl I have a friend on Facebook that post like every fudging's annoying...I mean they even posted spoilers for my favorite show on Facebook and I saw them 🙃
LifeisReal · M
@Cooper802Forever: That's just terrible. Just as bad as the public outcry from the show being aired in 2 time zones early and the Pacific time zone getting spoilers.
Cooper802Forever · 18-21, M
Yeah like da faq...that's like me posting the whole plot of a movie I just watched onto what the hell why are you posting spoilers, we get it you watched it but don't go posting fucking pictures and other information to spoil it for other!! Like Jesus, I think I'm not even entirely done with the previous season (I may be missing an episode or two for it) and they post this 😡😡
LifeisReal · M
I think you would be fine for missing 2 ep, but try to watch everything. Tell her to stop, hope it works.
Gh0s1 · 26-30, M
I got rid of mine 2 days ago :)
awesome posum!!

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