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What is your opinion on racial pride?
How far do you think is going too far with it? Obviously if it results in something such as labeling another race as inferior, that is going too far with it.
41-45, F
33 replies
4 days ago
Lostpoet · 31-35, M
True. I'm proud of my Viking heritage though.
tunechi · 18-21, F
some people are gonna get mad, but racial pride is for those who’ve been oppressed for centuries based just off their skin color. it’s not for white people. (only exception is the irish)
Carver · 26-30, FVIP
[@1108022,tunechi] White people have been oppressed for centuries. Maybe not in the Western world, but in Africa and the Middle East. You can look that up for yourself.
RodneyTrotter · 51-55, M
I think it's hypocritical to an extent, the same as gay pride. The minorities and gays bang on about everyone being the same, while they celebrate being different.
Make your minds up, for fucks sake.
[@165858,RodneyTrotter] It’s hard to explain unless you’ve been made to feel inferior or defective or ugly [b]specifically[/b] because of your race (or sexual orientation). In this instance, it [b]is[/b] about being just as good or equal, as opposed to “less than”.
RodneyTrotter · 51-55, M
[@328496,bijouxbroussard] I suppose it takes a racist or a victim to understand or even imagine how that would feel.
So many so called celebrities here, especially professional footballers who have no idea of what racism is, are the ones who my comment was aimed at. Racism here seems to now be the act of uneducated idiots, rather than the widespread 'epidemic' that it was when I was young.
Picklebobble2 · 51-55, M
Rather than seeing 'pride' in something you probably had no contribution in, i'd prefer to see 'Apology day'.

Where all those big businesses that made huge capital from slavery or denying folk their rights just because you could, actually stepped up and acknowledged the fact and they're now better people for it.
I think it’s a really random thing to be proud of...
plungesponge · 36-40, M
Racial pride is dumb but necessary. Being proud of your race is basically taking credit for shit other people did, like someone with my skin colour invented something or is good at sports and therefore I also have those skills. lol wut

It's dumb but the reason it's necessary is because other people do look at race and prequalify you based on those stereotypes.

So it's basically a dumb, lazy way to view the world that's necessary because other people are dumb and lazy
I think people who have racial pride are clowns
[@780464,Lostpoet] In that sense, I guess you can be proud of your heritage. I am against pride in concept, especially with race since race is no achievement 🤷🏾‍♂️

With regards to appreciating one's history, I certainly am for some to respect, study, and appreciate their ancestry and heritage
[@780464,Lostpoet] I'd actually be curious to know what's there to particularly be proud of 🤔
Lostpoet · 31-35, M
[@10013,Pirate] We are strong people. [image=]
Carver · 26-30, FVIP
I’d say too far is believing your race is superior to others. People are quick to label white pride as racist, but you can be proud of your heritage regardless of what color your skin is. So long as you’re not decrying other races as inferior, there’s nothing wrong with racial pride.

That being said, I’m proud of my race and my Italian background. White pride! ✊
tunechi · 18-21, F
[@27917,Carver] you can love being white but saying you have “white pride” is racist.
Carver · 26-30, FVIP
[@1108022,tunechi] Care to explain how?
StellasXOF · 36-40
I think its a branch of racism of sorts

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