Am scared to death

Yesterday the ambulance took my neighbour and her children because she's infected with covid 19. We are told not to go out of our apartments or get in contact with anyone. Am really scared because I have been to close to her children. I am asthmatic and so scared to think if am sick or not. I cannot sleep and so worried. Is there any thing to be done before the results come back they did take test of all of us. Is there anything I can do at this moment.
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Oster1 · M Best Comment
I can imagine your fear. I am very sorry to hear this. If you could get high doses of vit. c, vit. D3 and zinc, that would be a good start.

Hopefully, they can give you Hydrochloroquine and zinc, if you test positive. You may be just asymtomatic without the the disease flaring up, IF YOU test positive. Can you ask your Doctor what would be best or health department? Gosh, I know you are worried and terrified. I just said a prayer for you and everyone. I hope you do too.
JaggedLittlePill · 41-45, F
[@400392,Oster1] everything you said get clouded over whe you mentions a medicine that has not had any real evidence of efficacy.

First and cannot and should not offer any type of medical advice to people on the internet..because you are not a doctor or an epidemiologist or virologist.

Yes. These people are.expets because they have spemt.time being educated about this very kind of thing.

The president talking about that medicine is just a smoke screen. It is just bullshit. He wants people to believe they are being denied something they should have and that he is the guy to get it for them.

It is dangerous. Please stop offering up medical advice.
Oster1 · M
[@1845,JaggedLittlePill] I didn’t offer “any advice” at all. I suggested the professionals may offer. I like you, I do not want to argue but your tone towards me is unfair and unwarranted.
JaggedLittlePill · 41-45, F
[@400392,Oster1] telling someone "hopfelully they can give you Hydrochloroquine" offering up medical advice in the way of telling her what she should be looking for doctors to give her if she happens to get sick.

This message was deleted by its author.
Keepitsimple · 51-55, F
You can tested if you suspect you could have it. It’s so crazy...yesterday I was in a 55+ community and everybody was walking up to each other talking without masks like an ordinary day and we are in the second highest hit state. I don’t get it at all.
JaggedLittlePill · 41-45, F
You can take a deep breath and relax. You have been tested. The best thing to do is keep calm, stay home.

You have no control over this. It will be what it is...but you do have control over how your react.
4meAndyou · F
Hydroxychloroquine and zinc are treatments that might prevent you from becoming ill. Why don't you call your doctor and see if he is willing to prescribe for you?
I would take vitamins D and C to be specific. Drink lots of water and try to relax. It does you no good to stress about if, just do what you can to stay healthy and wait for the results.
Just know your natural state of being is health. Stay pisitive and take care of yourself by keeping your living space clean, eating well and staying as happy as you can. Worrying won't help anything.
Altonlife · 26-30, F
[@176592,PhoenixPhail] thanks
[@1094164,Altonlife] You're welcome.
Emortal · M
Everything you know about the virus is false expect, it's true, with few exceptions. That's the current state of affairs.
Altonlife · 26-30, F
[@492052,Emortal] 😢
Will you let us know how it turns out for you?
Oster1 · M
Thank you, for BA! I hope all is well. Please let us know how everything is going.☺️🌷
Silverwings · 61-69, F
If you have any zinc take it and also tonic water, vit c, and quit worrying, it will compromise your immune system, go online and find a topical bible, and read about Gods love for you, it will build your faith, and faith is the opposite of fear. Lord, i pray for this young lady, asking you to help her to combat her fear, replacing it with faith, help her to come to know you personally thru this very trying time in her life, I pray against the covid virus, binding it from her and rebuking it, calling it null and void, and pleading the blood of Jesus over her amen,
Silverwings · 61-69, F
Another thing you can do right now is to be in the sun as much as possible, the virus dies in the sun.
How did this all turn out? Are you okay?

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