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Y’all I think I have an eating disorder!!
I’m low key freaking out. By freaking out I mean laughing hysterically trying to distract myself with music and movies but it’s soo not working. Ok so no matter how healthy I eat, I’m so scared of gaining weight, when I get slightly full after eating I instantly think my weight increased, and my fat cells are growing rapidly. If I were to indulge in fruit, my brain shifts my thought process from being hungry to being fat. Idk, is it an eating disorder ? I binge eat, then I freak out and think I’m getting fat, then don’t eat for a while. when I do eat it’s a cup of rice then I feel full and I’m like shit shit shit why tf did I eat that!? 😩😩🥺 idk I love food, like I love food! Lmao but I can’t help to think that way.
22-25, F
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Jul 12, 2019
CountScrofula · 36-40, M
If you don't have an eating disorder you're well on your way to one.
ScarletWitch · 22-25, F
Yes. You have developed a mental eating disorder. You're even aware of it. Which is good. But no, everything you eat, dissolves and is burned off by your energy. No food, is no energy. When there is no food in your stomach, sure you may feel thin, but the inside of your stomach is dripping acid into the bottom of ur stomach with no food in it. By the time youre in you're 30s, you will ruin your insides. Maintain a healthy diet. You'll be ok
RoadhouseBlueJean · 22-25, F
@ScarletWitch Fuuuck yeah you’re right ! I can’t shake those thoughts, I know they’re an illusion it just seems so real. But yeah I need to deadass get this together I’m scared of completely fucking up my body!!
quitwhendone · 46-50, M
Well, are you fat, in your opinion? What's your height and weight? I think you are just having obsessive thoughts due to anxiety.
PerthSurfer · 46-50, M
I'm not a doctor but it sounds like you are developing the foundations to potentially create an eating disorder.

I think if you have these feelings with food, you should talk to an psychologist that specialises in eating disorders while it's early and you are still eating.

It's healthy to be concerned about your weight, but it's not healthy to not eat because your afraid your fat cells growing or binge eating etc. I hope you are able to get it sorted out soon :)
RoadhouseBlueJean · 22-25, F
@PerthSurfer I hope so man, I want children in the future. I don’t want to damage my body and worst, not know how to eat adequately while pregnant. I have to really take this seriously....oooof!
PerthSurfer · 46-50, M
[@915131,AnAmericanPrayer] Yeah for sure. It's a really hard thing for anyone on the outside of this to advise on or even understand. I had a friend who had a full on eating disorder and she didn't think she was over weight.It was just this thing that she couldn't control. I think if you take it seriously and get onto it early you will be fine :)
RoadhouseBlueJean · 22-25, F
@PerthSurfer yeaa it’s super wild man, I hope I didn’t fuck myself up too much.
No, I don"t. There needs to be lore information and criteria to be matched.
Coralmist · 36-40, F
You absolutely need food in your body each day to maintain sugar level and mineral levels. You will not gain weight from a balanced meal plan. It is burned off through the day. Maybe talking further with a nutritionist will
Help a bit too 🍀🤗
RoadhouseBlueJean · 22-25, F
@Seastar For sure. I was doing ok for awhile but then I started freaking out again about my weight. But yeah I need to start doing some changes to my lifestyle.
reflectingmonkey · 46-50, M
go about it mathematically. when you suspect your brain might be malfunctioning you use logic. calculate how much calory a persaon your size and age should eat to stay the same weight and that much, you can totally eat and cheat once a week if you exercise. if you ate the right amounts then you know anything alse is an illusion. i used that when i was suffering from depression. if i thought that maybe the depression was affecting my thinking, then i would avoid thinking and not take seriously any emotion or thought that crossed my mind. i treated depression as if i was on a hallucinogen, i knew not to trust my thought at those moment and not make vast, reevaluation of my feeling at those moments. i'd just wait it out.
RoadhouseBlueJean · 22-25, F
@reflectingmonkey Thank youu! Yeah that honestly makes sense it’s just my mindset and thoughts are so fucking strong but yeah looking at it like this makes it easier to manage. I need to start getting my health back in balance.
reflectingmonkey · 46-50, M
[@915131,AnAmericanPrayer] I often wonder why they don't teach that to depressive and anorexic people. I had noticed signs that told me i was probably depressed and not thinking strait. one of those signs was if my dog looked like she hates me, then i knew my mind was going negative. so then i knew my mind was wrong and i just avoided thinking and let the storm pass and not try to understand. like that poor singer from the cranberries. how come no one ever made her realize that once you know your mind is probably making a mistake then you just stop trusting you mind for a while. having taken hallucinogen a few times sure helps to deal with keeping calm if your mind isn't perceiving thing right. like if you're on a hallucinogen and you see something that makes no sense, most sane people know very well its a hallucination, there's always a tiny part of you which can still have sane thoughts and think "hmmm, this is probably not real". know what type of mistakes your brain makes and then you can predict that it might be "one of those" when it has the signs.
germanshepard · 13-15, M
Don’t be scared of gaining a few pounds sometime. You can always loose it. Main thing is to stay healthy

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