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How was I supposed to know that "the womb" is not an appropriate reply to the question, "where are you from?"
I just didn't want to tell them the name of my hometown because no one knows it anyways and it's a real shizhole but I'm not a good liar so...
22-25, F
23 replies
Mar 16, 2019
11knaves11 · 36-40, M
Makes [b]perfect[/b] sense to me
SW User
You can reply anything you want . It’s your right.
NaturallyPeculiar · 22-25, F
[@905303,Intricate] I thought so too but the person got so angry at me over it.
SW User
Some people are crazy and mean. You did nothing wrong.[@46292,NaturallyPeculiar]
itsoeasy · 51-55, M
tell them the next big town
IntrovertedArtist · 26-30, M
I mean you kinda did come from a womb. That's a good answer in my opinion.
NaturallyPeculiar · 22-25, F
[@703110,IntrovertedArtist] That's what I thought, but the person I said that too got really angry at me.
IntrovertedArtist · 26-30, M
[@46292,NaturallyPeculiar] that person must have had issues with their mom then, probably brought up some bad memories and instead of being nice they took it out on you.
NaturallyPeculiar · 22-25, F
[@703110,IntrovertedArtist] Maybe they were a test tube baby? I don't know lol
BalmyNites · F
Well, maybe you could've just named the nearest large town 😄
NaturallyPeculiar · 22-25, F
[@561899,BalmyNites] I mean I could have but the nearest area that people would know is 40 minutes away from my hometown and is very different and I've been there only a few time and don't really know the area so I don't like naming it.
BalmyNites · F
[@46292,NaturallyPeculiar] The bottom line is, it's nobody else's business where you live hun, so if you feel uncomfortable with someone's questions, just simply tell them you would prefer not to say - a decent person will respect that x
hyg346 · 36-40, M
Sounds like a clever response to me
That's a cool answer lol I usually don't mind if someone doesn't want to share these kind of info with me it's up to you. I don't mind sharing such info about me to a new friend though.
indyjoe · 51-55, M
No need to offer any apologies. I saw where you said that and I thought it was an intelligently witty response.
NaturallyPeculiar · 22-25, F
[@676121,indyjoe] Huh? I mean I've said it on here like a while back and no one ever cared but this instance I'm talking about happened in real life so...
indyjoe · 51-55, M
[@46292,NaturallyPeculiar] I'm sorry...I saw that same response just a day or so ago, I thought it was you but maybe it was someone else. I still think it is a witty reply though😉👍️
alan20 · M
Your country or area would be best. Other might come across as a bit sarky.
NaturallyPeculiar · 22-25, F
[@99512,alan20] This was in person though not over the internet so...
alan20 · M
[@46292,NaturallyPeculiar] Well if you said it with a smile, that's different.
walabby · 61-69, M
You could have said," None of your business!"...
NaturallyPeculiar · 22-25, F
[@1116,walabby] I was trying to be less rude and slightly funny but next time I'll probably say none of your business since no matter what my reply it seems people will react however they want lol
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