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What goes through your mind when you see a Mennonite or Amish person out and about?
18-21, F
56 replies
Mar 16, 2019
Edited: 1 yr ago
We don't see them
only on TV
I always think
how often do do pinch the cat in the dark?
MadameX · F
First I love to visit Amish people. They are unique and sometimes I can’t take my eyes off them. Their food is some of the best out there. They are very nice and humble people.
Artasia · 18-21, F
I’ve never had any of their food. I’ve met a few Mennonites here but I’ve no idea where they live. It’s not common to see them here and they mostly keep to themselves. [@830641,MadameX]
MadameX · F
[@757300,Artasia] Visit Lancaster Pennsylvania and you see as many as you want, even with horse and buggy on the streets.
MadameX · F
[@757300,Artasia] The mennonites branched off from Amish and are a wee bit more liberal. One major difference is they believe in evangelism and Amish do not.
PerfectionOfTheHeart · 41-45, F
It may be odd to say, but the first thing that comes to my mind is peace. I envy their simple way of life and feel a tremendous amount of happiness for them in being able to live life in the manner they do. There’s a peace that instantly comes with that. But if I happen to see one of their horses pulling their wagon that peace flies out the window and I instantly become a five year old jumping up and down yelling “Horsey!!!” 🤦🏻‍♀️
Artasia · 18-21, F
😂 [@436944,PerfectionOfTheHeart]
AbbeyRhode · F
EmilyMom · 46-50, F
[@27778,AbbeyRhode] This has to be the response of the year. well said.
AbbeyRhode · F
[@808111,EmilyMom] Thank you.
cherokeepatti · 61-69, F
I love it, reminds me of when I lived in Missouri and would see a long line of Amish riding in wagons coming into town to do their Saturday trading in the town square.
Emortal · M
I wanna convert the girls to modern life
4meAndyou · F
I moved to Lansing, Michigan after my divorce, from Massachusetts, and I had never seen one Mennonite person in my life until then, and when I saw them, I didn't know they were Mennonites.

Unfortunately, I stared, because I couldn't figure out why the mother and daughter were both wearing the same extremely ugly pair of brown shoes and the exact same skirt. The shoes were so ugly they kept drawing my attention.

I was standing in line at a store, so I continued to stare, and thought I was not being obvious. Apparently I was obvious, because the Mennonite father and husband, who looked just like a regular guy with a beard, began rebuking me from across the store for my own clothing. I think the shirt I was wearing was low cut...which doesn't fly too well in Michigan.

I had to ask my brother why that had happened, and he explained about Mennonites.
EmilyMom · 46-50, F
i have a deep respect and appreciation for them and how they choose to live their life.
I also think
I hope I see Freeman and Lebanon Levi!
I have a crush on Freeman
[@895648,ManIsEatingEarthUpLikeCandy] that shit was awesome👌.
The buggy competition
They blew stuff up like it was fireworks! They are badass [@327405,theoneyouwerewarnedabout]
I just wanted to go sit beside Freeman in the dark corner doing nothing but stare [@327405,theoneyouwerewarnedabout]

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