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what makes you unattractive?
62 replies
Mar 15, 2019
CountProgula · 36-40, M
Mental illness
shaelan · 36-40, M
Self pity
User41 · 31-35, M
My constant sarcasm
My face
Keepitsimple · 46-50, F
My mouth usually
Effloresce · 22-25, F
Certain parts of my body, my lack of confidence
Rokasu · 31-35, M
Tig ol bitties.
VioletRayne · 26-30, F
[@16030,Rokasu] 🤣
Moosepantspatty · 26-30, M
[@16030,Rokasu] so uh we kissed already, you mind if I uh... you know? 😂
puck61 · 56-60, M
[@16030,Rokasu] Yeah.... but what about the nips, sailor? What ya got going there honey bear?
puck61 · 56-60, M
I am stunningly handsome, but the hardest thing for me now is my weight. I might have that "congestive heart failure" thing going on. I hardly eat, and I eat healthy and work very hard, but I can't seem to lose weight. I got down to 200 and shot back up to 240 in three weeks. It's driving me crazy!
blindbob · 36-40
[@3557,puck61] maybe you have a thyroid issue.
puck61 · 56-60, M
[@332533,blindbob] They tested for that. My liver, kidneys, thyroid, and inflammatory markers, are in great shape, but I have serious COPD, and all the symptoms of CHF..... [b][c=#800000] Yes! I quit smoking! [/c][/b]
Lilymoon · F
Not bathing
Lilymoon · F
[@794565,nem16] Awwww it was a good game
nem16 · 31-35, M
[@574445,Lilymoon] Yeah it really was!
Lilymoon · F
[@794565,nem16] Defo
ZenLioness · F
Where do I begin?🤣
ZenLioness · F
[@16030,Rokasu] 🤐
puck61 · 56-60, M
[@674752,ZenLioness] You are the envy of goddesses everywhere!
ZenLioness · F
[@3557,puck61] blind ones, perhaps!🤣🤣🤣🤣
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