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Why do people thinkit's alright to push their fetishs on people?
Why do people think its alright to message, and continuously try push their fetishes on you after telling them you're not interested.
I don't judge people on what they're into (unless its obviously terrible like child abuse, etc), you do you,l. But most on this site don't seem to know how to take no as an answer.
I end uo blocking them, but then more just keep messaging, lol.
26-30, F
27 replies
Mar 11, 2018
sighmeupforthat41-45, M
馃悊馃悷 if you really wanted to you'd tweak your filters and block the pervos.
MissScarlett26-30, F
[@341171,sighmeupforthat] I indeed block them, but more always show up is the point.
Tweak my filters? Can I block certain words, and such so they cant message me if they use them?
If so, please let me know how. Otherwise, I have mine filtered to a extent.
diablo46-50, M
[@331468,MissScarlett] Do let me know if you learn how to tweak your filters. I am clueless on that subject. XD
Quizzical41-45, M
It's an effort to find like-minded people... Fetish is one thing, we all pretty much have those, it's worrying when it turn into an obsession and it's all they can think or post about.
MissScarlett26-30, F
[@380163,Quizzical] exactly
PerthSurfer46-50, M
I agree, they need to join fetlife if they want to do that, even then I think that site has rules about pushing your interests onto others.
TightyWhiteyKing22-25, M
Im from the bdsm community we dont judge fetish
MissScarlett26-30, F
[@669416,Gothicpony] I do not judge it either as I said. But when they constantly trying to push it on you after you say no, thank you. Its a different story.
TightyWhiteyKing22-25, M
[@331468,MissScarlett] oh yes
SW User
I don't know. Foot fetishists are especially weird about this. It's like they try to make you think you're the perv for feeling uncomfortable because feet aren't an objectively sexual body part.
SW User
[@477910,Devotchka] Accept my fetish, fetish-ist!

(this is not mine, btw)
MissScarlett26-30, F
[@477910,Devotchka] Yes! That, and you're the worst person for not wanting to go along with what they want.
SW User
[@477910,Devotchka] I think it might be the fact that a foot fetish is considered "normal" compared to many other fetishes for non-body parts, such as, well...gross stuff that comes out of the body...
Straylight26-30, F
I got this one today.
MissScarlett26-30, F
[@446085,Faust76] That definitely is a advertisement to be concerned about, ha wtf! o.O
Straylight26-30, F
[@331468,MissScarlett] They could have just said veneers look nice. Why's it got to be sexy?
MissScarlett26-30, F
[@695370,Straylight] Haha, exactly!
OpenlyHonestly26-30, F
They usually give up when you ignore them.
MissScarlett26-30, F
[@155039,OpenlyHonestly] They just spam me. >.<
OpenlyHonestly26-30, F
[@331468,MissScarlett] That's too bad. Block them then. Again and again if that is necessary.
MissScarlett26-30, F
[@155039,OpenlyHonestly] Thats the plan! :)
Cause it is the open internet, try Facebook.
MissScarlett26-30, F
[@8093,Subsumedpat] Lol

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