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I Like Toast

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Never eat toast in bed
18-21, F
12 replies
Jul 7, 2019
Thespis · 31-35, M
Extra sheet, then toss off the extra sheet. Then you get toast and bed ;)
Sarahsummersrockz · 18-21, F
[@793496,Thespis] Just don't do it
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Tiddz · 26-30, M
Nooo, toast crumbies are not desirable
Sarahsummersrockz · 18-21, F
[@935986,Tiddz] it's like a torture
Tiddz · 26-30, M
[@411338,Sarahsummersrockz] actually is! Similar to sand in a sleeping bag
Lilnonames · F
I always do lol
Sarahsummersrockz · 18-21, F
[@1749,Lilnonames] Toast cumbs!
Lilnonames · F
[@411338,Sarahsummersrockz] I use a plate and put a towel under it when done I fold up take to kithen
Sarahsummersrockz · 18-21, F
[@1749,Lilnonames] Clever
Diggler · 46-50, M
I agree, but I'm getting out of bed to eat toast with peanut butter cause it's sooooo good.
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I Like Toast
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