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Does the US owe reparations to the Iraqis for the invasion and the decades of war?

The WMD's turned out to be a non threat, so, Do we pay up?
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Quetzalcoatlus · 41-45, M Best Comment
Anybody who commits a wrongful act has the obligation to make it right.
MotherHubbard · 56-60, F
[@946009,Quetzalcoatlus] if we all remember that, and apply it, we'll all be better off.

TexChik · F
Do libs owe reparations for last summer's riots?
Yup. It’s time for BLM to pay up. [@113373,TexChik]
John Howard. Tony Blair. George bush. Belong on a noose..
Still no WMD found..
Max13 · 26-30, M
Pay it .
BlueMetalChick · 26-30, F
Well, if we decide to give reparations to anybody, they should probably be on top of that list.
The U.S. doesn’t pay such debts.
nedkelly · M
Does the Al-Qaeda have to pay reparations for the 9/11 - September 11

When the Democrats pay for the BULLSHIT racist BLM movement than we will talk about reparations
DownTheStreet · 51-55, M
You go ahead and write that first check, lead by example
cycleman · 56-60, M
[i]minor manipulations [/i]
graphite · 56-60, M
GW Bush's Iraq Fiasco. Although Saddam Hussein was violating all sorts of international decrees and lobbing missiles at our planes in the no-fly zone. US still should never have gone in there. But war is war. There are no reparations. Did Japan ever send us a check for Pearl Harbor?
[@698333,graphite] yup. He had a tendency to gas a few Kurds too..

But does anyone remember the Middle East been so destabilised?
There’d never have been a ISIS. Saddam kept them all in check..
once Saddam was out the way all hell broke loose
graphite · 56-60, M
[@327405,TheOneyouwerewarnedabout] Even G Bush Sr. knew better than to go in there. He said, you break it, you own it. So his son broke it.

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