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Does censoring president Trump, ie Banning him from Twitter, fakebook etc, make any difference to the support he gets ?

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Poplala · 31-35, F
No support is there Americans are smart most see the truth
I wouldn't think so. The crazys will always be crazy
hippyjoe1955 · 61-69, M
I am still trying to figure out the vitriol headed his direction. He has been out of office for quite a while now.
twiigss · 41-45, MVIP
[@10033,hippyjoe1955] People who have hate, are hateful people. They've always been hateful people, and it's just something that can never be changed. Just like people who are always bitter and mad at the world, for no logical reason. They just are.

I remember when I worked at this warehouse, and because the company had to scale back operations, they were merging second shift into first shift. All the people who were always mad and bitter, were the very first ones to take the voluntary layoffs.

And I was beyond happy because I didn't want to work with any of those people. And you can't change how they think. It's sad really.

But it is pretty funny how one man can turn a person into a crybaby lol.

The censorship by companies does more harm than good.
hippyjoe1955 · 61-69, M
[@1201479,twiigss] I am just amazed at how much evil is headed his way. I fully agree he is far from perfect as are we all but I have yet to figure out what terrible things he did that made him a terrible president. Record low taxes, record low unemployment, record high energy output, lowest poverty rate peace agreements in the Middle East, scaling back wars etc etc etc but somehow .... WHAT?!?!
twiigss · 41-45, MVIP
[@10033,hippyjoe1955] I think there are people out there that hate him, just because. Like I have yet to hear something he actually DID. Okay so years and years ago he said stuff that just wasn't good. A LOT OF PEOPLE DO THAT ON A DAILY BASIS!!! DOES THAT MAKE EVERYONE A BAD PERSON!?!? NO, IT DOESN'T!!!

So, that's where I am at. I believe there are people in the world who hate the man, just because they don't like him, as a person. I've had the same thing. Now granted, I've never been on TV, never got all this money, never owned any hotels or casinos, never said anything that was antisemitic or racist but there are people who hate me. And I've never done anything to anyone that would warrant hating me personally.
Iwashere2 · 36-40, M
Yes. Amongst youth which is a great move if you look at the big picture. It’s not about Trump,it’s about his ideologies. The only thing that keeps the right wing alive is moderate millennial and a strong boomer support. Tick-tock..to put it simply
Iwashere2 · 36-40, M
[@112526,carpediem] really..by quoting half my sentence 😐 you really know how to get down don’t you
carpediem · 61-69, M
[@1056803,Iwashere2] my analogy is proven correct by your every utterance.
Iwashere2 · 36-40, M
[@112526,carpediem] is it though? Proven by whom? You? Here’s the thing boomer..you either get with the program or move to the wilderness but this..online opposition you’re trying to do..this is pointless
Xipooh · 26-30, M
PrincessVelvet · 31-35, F
Probably not, but at least it's nice for the majority of the country to not have to put up with his stupidity any longer having banned him from most of social medial.
Not one iota

[image deleted]
Spotpot · 41-45, M
[@327405,TheOneyouwerewarnedabout] Trump and his cult are dangerous precaution must be taken.
hippyjoe1955 · 61-69, M
[@1206109,Spotpot] Can you tell what the dangers of Trump are? Honest question.
Dolimyte · 36-40, M
That's not how cults work.
curiosi · 56-60, F
Nope, but those who haven't gone totally to the dark side will wake up and see this is no different then 1930 Germany.
AmericanaChick · 18-21, F
Probably. Out of sight, out of mind.
yeronlyman · 51-55, M
Not really... idiots are idiots regardless
checkoutanytime · 41-45, M
I prefer his direction, over central information agency establishment non-American Joe Biden, moreover going forward I believe we can do much better with good leadership skills that Trump sparked in the people that cherish freedom, and want to preserve those freedoms for future generations, by fending off big tech facewaste sell all your info Zuckerberg, or Let's all be twits Ramsey, or Microsoft you pile it on thick n heavy William Gates, etc.. just be free of the more'ons
Never once in history. Have those who have been for censorship. Have been on the right side..
AmericanaChick · 18-21, F
[@327405,TheOneyouwerewarnedabout] That's not true. American companies have always censored certain things.
AmericanaChick · 18-21, F
[@327405,TheOneyouwerewarnedabout] Isn't that subjective? Like, most people say we were right to censor ISIS on Youtube.
no if anything it might make it stronger because it gets people riled up over because of people on the other side of the ideology block controlling what people can say or think. no different than the extremism from germany during natzi reign where ideas that were different were silenced or what happens in china today.
[@1206109,Spotpot] companies, its by a political group and the government isnt doing anything to stop it u actually have politicians supporting it.
Spotpot · 41-45, M
[@1178169,undetermined] As i said facebook dosent like to linked to coup attempts.
[@1206109,Spotpot] lol they are a coup attempt they silence anyone from one political group but not the other. there was a capital hearing a couple of years ago about how big tech companies were being bias towards political groupage.
MotherHubbard · 56-60, F
Maybe. Trump isn't present in our reality through anything but corporate media.
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