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The news mentioned the police catching a couple guys that stole tons of Trump signs and put them in a pet stire dumpster.
I know people have been complaining. Lots of signs keep getting stolen. It takes real scum to do that.
56-60, M
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Oct 30, 2016
Edited: 3 yrs ago
maxlaff · 51-55, M
socialism at its best
1961dave · 56-60, M
The people that support Hillary are the type who would key your car for a Trump sticker.
1961dave · 56-60, M
Thank you! One of the most awesome things I've ever seen! Punish the Asshole!
PeanutsauntieP1982 · 36-40, F
Way to go.
SW User
were going to enforce our freedom of speech by denying ppl theirs ;D
PeanutsauntieP1982 · 36-40, F
1961dave · 56-60, M
Yeah, that's the way they do things. It's hard to believe so many people like that Hillary's a criminal, and mimic her by with their own criminal behavior.
adhane05 · 26-30, M
What's the point in stealing signs? People aren't simply going to change their minds just because they see a Trump sign.
adhane05 · 26-30, M
@1961dave: I know, the media keeps making Trump looking like he's absolutely terrible and Hillary is the "perfect" candidate. The media LOVED Trump before he ran for president. Hillary's rallies are actually very small, but the media adds people to make her look good.
1961dave · 56-60, M
@adhane05: Yeah her rallis is part of the reason I think Trump will win. The mesmdia also has Bullshit poll numbers. They're trying to help her by making it look like a waste of time for Trump supporters to vote. I've traveled a lot, on the road very rarely do I see a Hillary sign in any state, but tons of Trump signs. I think Trump is actually gonna win by a lot!
adhane05 · 26-30, M
@1961dave: He can easily win if they fix the voting machines. They are rigged to make Hillary get the votes instead of Trump.

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The news mentioned the police catching a couple gu... | Politics | Similar Worlds