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Would you have your dog put to sleep because he is old?
Yes, let him pass on his own.
Kill your dog.
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I have some people that are trying to persuade me that I should have my dog put down. But he is on pain meds and slowly drifting away. I feel that this is better for him to adjust to the spirit world. What do you think?
46-50, F
38 replies
Jul 7, 2019
romell · 46-50, M
if the animal is struggling with some diseases why not
NativeOregonian · 46-50
[@575075,RoxClymer] You would stick your grandmother with a neddle then?
romell · 46-50, M
[@712671,NativeOregonian] if i know its the best for them why not ...i have firm belief that making ones own suffer is not love
NativeOregonian · 46-50
[@187937,romell] So you are willing to mercy kill your own grandmother, risking a first degree murder charge?
RodneyTrotter · 51-55, M
If he's suffering and has no quality of life then yes, it's selfish to let a dog suffer to spare personal grief.
NativeOregonian · 46-50
[@165858,RodneyTrotter] Then maybe we should do the same with the terminally ill in hospices, give them that fatal shot of morphine >:(
Your poll is kindaaa biased. Whos gona pick kill your dog?
76May · 46-50, F
[@17829,TryingtoLava] You are right. Just my morbid sense of humor.
luctoretemergo · 56-60, M
I’ve had to do it several times sadly.
They look at you and tell you when it’s time. Ease their pain and I’ve told each one to please wait for me someday....
ImKelsey · 22-25, F
When a dog dies in your home there can be a traumatic mess and smell to clean up. Do you want this to be your last memory?
Idk it depends on how much pain the dog was in and how long they had left to live ..
SW User
I did it with my dog when she was no longer able to control her bodily functions or rely on her back legs. A dog which is immobile or incapable has very limited life quality. It's a tough call but unless you can give 24/7 care then it's the only call really.
76May · 46-50, F
Okay, but animals need time to adjust to crossing over and adjust to the spirit world just like humans. Isn't that selfish to force my will on him and force him over? He is comfortable and on pain meds. All answers are appreciated.
NativeOregonian · 46-50
[@663519,Mamapolo2016] That is true, but we must also never underestimate the cunning and instinct of any animal, specially in the wild.
Mamapolo2016 · 61-69, F
[@712671,NativeOregonian] Including man.
NativeOregonian · 46-50
[@663519,Mamapolo2016] Especially man.
We had to put our dog down earlier in the year.

It's hard but you need to do what's best for your pet, whatever eases his suffering.
Let him pass on his own. Don't make a decision that you may end up regretting for the rest of your life as I did.

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