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I've Lived In a Haunted House

Late 00s, I remember being awakened and i heard a voice to my right telling me to "wake up." As i look to my right i see nothing. But i heard it as clear as day. I try to ignore it. So u turn over to go back to sleep and i feel a hand touch my shoulder with a slight push, like they wanted to wake me up...
contrails · 56-60, M
The question is, why did they want to wake you up? Were they lonely, needing company? Or did they need to tell you a big secret? (like, who murdered them or something...) Fascinating...
AkAtSUki · F
@contrails it was a school class picture. It had the name of the school in the picture. The kids looked to be like in 3rd grade. The date was in the back of the photo.
The pic was left in the basement. No one wanted to keep it. So the ppl who own the house now have access to it.
contrails · 56-60, M
@AkAtSUki oh the pic is still there... do the new owners know about it...? This is so interesting even without the haunting factor... Who would keep/hid a school pic, why...? It would be interesting to track down who were the people in the picture, to see if anyone was linked to the house....
AkAtSUki · F
@contrails definately. The owners know it's haunted. Thats the reason why they bought it. Lol.
Montanaman · M
Shit's Real. ☝️🤗
AkAtSUki · F
@Montanaman indeed.
Are you still paying off the mortgage?
@AkAtSUki Were their names Morticia and Gomez?
AkAtSUki · F
@FrogManSometimesLooksBothWays dont know their names. Just know they are puerto ricans.
@AkAtSUki Could be Gomez, then.

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I've Lived In a Haunted House
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