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Someone said gender reveals are transphobic 馃槳

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midnightsun22-25, M
I don't give a fuck either way
Thevy2936-40, M
Kingfish2826-30, M
Childbirth is transphobic?
Quizzical41-45, M
I have no idea what anything means anymore...

I'd really like to just go back and live in the 80's again
curiosi56-60, F
Not surprised, I read Brave New World.
That someone needs to get back on their meds and stop wasting sane peoples time
CountScrofula36-40, M
No, just stupid.
NoSugarCoating22-25, F
How are they stupid ? [@624254,CountScrofula]
CountScrofula36-40, M
[@465312,NoSugarCoating] Nobody talked about gender reveals until 10 years ago, its a very new trend.

And it's all based on a lack of understanding of what gender is. Like someone saw 'gender' as a trendy word so created this tradition without understanding anything.

You reveal a baby's sex, not gender. They're different things.
jehova31-35, M
I think those that reveal are trans. No?
SassyBunn26-30, F
I identify Trans and I for one am sick and tired of these so called activists thinking they can create new offences just to start shit.
ozgirl51226-30, F
More like a marketing ploy!
Waking up is transphobic, driving is transphobic... some people just make crap up smh.
Gender reveal parties are needless, but they're not transphobic. Whoever that "someone" is--they're dumb 馃槈
[@731023,KaiTheHuman] Most likely the same asshole that claimed that Mary Poppins is racist because of the chimeny sweep scene.
Quizzical41-45, M
[@712671,NativeOregonian] Obviously someone that has never even SEEN a real chimney, let alone been inside one, lol
[@380163,Quizzical] LOL
Sounds like horse shit to me
Gender reveal are just... awkward. Hey, let's have a party that focuses on a baby's genitals 馃槚
purplepen46-50, F
Not unless trans reveals are also gender phobic. Perhaps people should be allowed to have phobias, though. It's part of the human experience.

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