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Why are people so damn stupid?

There are people whining online about how the words "mother" and "breastfeeding" are sexist toward men and the trans community, and that we should use "birthing people" and "chest feeding" instead. Their poor grasp of the most basic logic and common sense is utterly astonishing. I seriously wonder how they figured out how to breathe when they were born...
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MyaJhonston · 18-21, F
please don't get me started on this topic.
this stuff drives me up the wall with how silly it is.
Myselfatlast · 22-25, M
[@1188022,MyaJhonston] the internet if used right is the ultimate tool for self education a better more modern library of Alexander but so many people regardless of political sides get caught up in propaganda
MyaJhonston · 18-21, F
[@691096,Myselfatlast] with great power comes great responsibility, and the internet gives us far more power than most realize.
if there is anything that the last generation failed to do it was raise this one to be responsible.
ScrewThisImDone · 26-30, F
[@1188022,MyaJhonston] Yeah, and then the insane people keep censoring the rational people, which just makes the problem worse.
Myselfatlast · 22-25, M
They were smart when they were born but propaganda and censorship has created a mass population of people stupid beyond repair
ScrewThisImDone · 26-30, F
[@691096,Myselfatlast] And now they're the ones in power. We're doomed...
checkoutanytime · 41-45, M
This is the Civil divide in a nutshell

Allelse · 31-35, M
Really? Well there you go, another thing to get upset about I suppose.
Iwashere2 · 36-40, M
I wanna see where it all goes. I didn’t start it,I know that much but im sure as hell stocking up on popcorn
this is stupid liberal people who want to remove gender because it becomes offensive to those who arent those genders.
I am a lefty and god help me no I don't want to get rid of gender.


How the fuck is this even a thing without it? OH I've been very reluctant to declare my preferences out in the open for some bizarre insecurity of rendering anyone else insecure but found one.
[@10406,BetweenKittensandRiots] you might not but many who do consider themselves liberal do.
[@1178169,undetermined] Liberals... ::said in sscornful tone of voice::

You know unfortunately I've got this bad habbit of unintentionally associating the left with liberals and yeah I acknowledge it, I am a Socialist though, the people I admire the most tend to use liberal derisively but not the same way the cuckservatives do and btw I'm placing ALL conservatives in that box "Wide paint brushes" aside IDGAF about fairness or tolerance or inclusion fuck them all. Fucking people who should be killed is all they are.

Like I'm unironically an advocate for cleansing the filth.

the great cleanse.


Kythra the suntamer
Kythra the suntamer
6 months ago
theres only one thing those fucking liberals hate more than the conservatives and thats us lefties who see through their bullshit.
6 months ago
Kythra the suntamer 💯
Kythra the suntamer
Kythra the suntamer
6 months ago (edited)
@LessThree They are not the first group of people I ended up bitterly disenchanted with, I used to be one of them.

Its just I gradually realized on an international scale the united states is frighteningly far to the right and the republicans left to their own devices would love to drag it further right than even the Third reich was.

its sad to me that being opposed to bigotry in pretty much all of its forms is essentially a communist sentiment.

because "liberals" often fail to condemn one or two of its forms even while condemning the rest.

Like JK Rowling LGB but not the T.

Thats "liberals."
Our prime Minister declared that we should refer mankind to peoplekind??? Takes all sorts
uncleshawn · 36-40, M
I'm glad you posted this. I didn't know people objected to those words. That is truly bizarre.

More than stupidity, I think that kind of thing comes from [u]gross immaturity[/u] and [u]self-obsession[/u], and then the attempt to portray oneself as moral/caring as a means of covering their self-obsession. The stupidity and fake morality go hand in hand, are inseparable.

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