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I Like Toaster Struedel

I love how the name of it is right there in the group pic and whoever created this group still spelled "strudel" wrong. 馃槅 But no, I hate toaster strudel! They may look delicious but whenever you pop them in the toaster, they [b]never[/b] stay hot for long and get cold in the middle very quickly. It seems the only way you can make sure they'll stay hot is by burning them to a crisp and even then, I've still seen them stay frozen in the middle! I think toaster strudels are a nice idea but they simply don't work. 馃槕
Tracos51-55, M
Well ... In German it's spelled str眉del.... But if the characterset doesn't support the dots (known as umlaut ( tonechanger) 眉 is replaced with ue.... Which makes struedel in line with the German spelling again...
Carver31-35, F
@Tracos Interesting. 馃
@Tracos The replacement of 眉 by ue is indeed common and various recipes exist for Str眉del or Struedel. The German Wikipedia however spells it consistently without an umlaut or extra e, so I wonder if the umlaut (or its replacement) is correct German or just added for fanciness by some people. Either way the English term is definitely just Strudel, so the group name is incorrect for sure.
Can you not defrost for a bit first?
Carver31-35, F
@Harris4321 I've tried that. It just gets burned.

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I Like Toaster Struedel
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