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I Hate My Self

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Sooo, I absolutely hate myself, there isn't a thing that I hate more than me... I'd do anything to not be me tbh, why?

Well... I basically suck/fail at everything I do, I always seem to say things wrongly that I don't want.. I can't seem to get better at life as much as I would try (even tho yea there are people with worse life's than me) But still every person can hold up to their own for so much... And I just can't seem to do anything right, everyone hates me or doesn't like me, I'm scary af so nobody talks to me either cuz im ugly or have a big body form... I honestly don't know what to do at this point anymore about myself, I found the problem that I had for the last few months but can't seem to really solve it in any way which really sucks because I feel like I'm dragging myself into an early death which of course nobody would believe...

But oh well.. If I fall from myself then let it be so 馃槗
18-21, M
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Jan 5, 2018
SW User
I don't know what to tell you except that you're not alone. I can relate. Remember that nearly everyone sucks at everything until they put energy into developing their skills, though.
Bearo18-21, M
[@477910,Devotchka] Mm not exactly, when everything's falling apart and you can't get a grip of anything, then it's pretty much gonna go down hill till it finally stops and you get up, and that's the thing that I hate right now... I'm just fcking up in everything without wanting to or having to try
SW User
[@19383,Bearo] ok, sorry for trying to help.
Bearo18-21, M
[@477910,Devotchka] No I'm not trying to push your help away, thank you for trying to but I'm just saying how it is for me :c

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I Hate My Self
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Sooo, I absolutely hate myself, there isn't a... | I Hate My Self | Similar Worlds