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I Want to Know Ten Things About You

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1. I like to play the bass, but don't practice enough to really be good at it.
2. My brand of humor is either snarky/sarcastic comments, or unwittingly and outrageously nonsensical comments that I don't really even understand after I say them.
3. I like Kix
4. My favorite thing about the weekend is going to my favorite cafe on Saturdays and get a bagel and coffee and read the weekly paper :)
5. I am a science major, but my favorite classes are art, history, and literature classes.
6. I love to sit and stare out the window with hot chocolate, just watching the snow fall on the ground.
7. One time, I was buying a pair of shoes online, and under quantity, it said "sold individually." So I bought two. Turns, out, I got two pairs of shoes. I later realized with the help of my friends, that wouldn't they ask which foot I wanted if I only wanted one shoes? :P
8. I'm originally from California, but am going to college in Missouri. I like it here so much better.
9. I am horribly procrastinating studying for my Asian Art History test right now by writing this : /
10. When playing baseball when I was 15, they were shorthanded in the outfield, so I played center field for the first time. This one guy hit it way over my head. I ran and ran to catch up, and as I was just about to catch it, I completely collided with the wall; the ball was a home run. I now have a nifty scar on my knee courtesy of the chain-link fence I ran into :P
26-30, M
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Feb 16, 2010
Such a great list, I love having hot cocoa while watching the snow as well.

And though I am an engineer, I love literature too.
KeasbeyNights · 26-30, M
I was an engineer, didn't enjoy it too much, so biochem now!

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I Want to Know Ten Things About You
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