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I Think I Am Ugly

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I was looking in the mirror just before and I started crying. I dont know why.. When I look into my own eyes my heart stops beating and the world becomes bleak. I need someone to tell me I'm not these things I think I am. I need someone to hug me tight and make the pain stop. I need someone because I have no one
26-30, M
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Dec 18, 2017
DropsOfPain · 26-30, F
Age and gender are correct?
BlackHeart · 26-30, M
[@509132,DropsOfPain] i dont know what that means sorry, i am 26 and male?
DropsOfPain · 26-30, F
[@638263,BlackHeart] Ok.
Diyanne · F
[c=#7700B2]I dunno how to help u, but I can listen...people see your good heart...that is more important....If they cannot see your good heart, that means they are bad people...*hug u tight* [/c]
MikeSp · 51-55, M
You need to see a counselor right now. If you can't afford one, there may be free programs in your area.
You think you are ugly?
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I Think I Am Ugly
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I was looking in the mirror just before and I star... | I Think I Am Ugly | Similar Worlds