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Barbara Eden or Elizabeth Montgomery ?
36-40, F
35 replies
May 22, 2020
TexChik · 36-40, F
Barbara Eden
phil1344 · 56-60, M
Barbara Eden i dream of jennie
Fungirlmmm · 46-50, F
Sam of course.
Elizabeth Montgomery. But she never seemed to notice that one Dick was pulled out and a different one was shoved in
Yes! Both excellent ideas. But they just ended one season with York and boop! brought in Sargent. Utterly lazy[@557376,AnneHoney]
AnneHoney · 36-40, F
I think Sargent was cast originally and for some reason he couldn’t [@573853,DukeOfEarle]
Interesting. I did not know that. That’s an enjoyable show. Sam was smart, sexy, independent. Jeanie was sexy but kind of dopey and a slave. I vote Sam over Jeanie. [@557376,AnneHoney]
TheDevilYouNeed · 51-55, M
Both are sexy, but I would have to go with Elizabeth here. She was my first Celebrity crush.
Grateful4you · 61-69, M
Liked them both. Are they still living?
Grateful4you · 61-69, M
[@872289,GERRI] That also happened in a John Wayne film. It was thought to be from toxic radiation many of the cast died from cancer.
GERRI · 46-50, F
[@881002,Grateful4you] Speaking of ironic--- I was just reading that and the mother on bewitched was in that movie with John Wayne and died of cancer also....... It was filmed "down wind" from Yukon Flats--- whatever that is--
Grateful4you · 61-69, M
[@872289,GERRI] I think it was some kind of testing ground. Can't remember the details.
Summersong · F
Elizabeth Montgomery. Witches are cooler than genies
GERRI · 46-50, F
Major Nelson or Daron
GERRI · 46-50, F
[@557376,AnneHoney] Not Dr Bellows?
AnneHoney · 36-40, F
I recently saw the actor in an old movie I had to laugh.[@872289,GERRI]
AnneHoney · 36-40, F
[image=] hunk
SageWanderer · 70-79, M
Barbra Eden! 🥰Jeannie😍🤭😘
JustwantPI · M
Barbara Eden

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