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Will you watch a scary movie with me ?
Not right now though. I have places to be and things to do. 馃槄 I have to actually go grocery shopping, but later I want to watch a horror movie with you. 馃き
24 replies
Mar 16, 2019
GForG36-40, M
I would. I can't watch them alone
[@900944,TheWanderer] really ?
GForG36-40, M
[@526701,Stark] Yeah. I'm a bit of a coward
weeweeballs36-40, M
i saw The Boy last nite and it wasn't as bad as i thought it'd be lol
weeweeballs36-40, M
[@526701,Stark] yeah they seem to rate stuff more tough than imdb. and some of the highly rated ones on rt aren't that great imo.
This message was deleted.
weeweeballs36-40, M
[@526701,Stark] damn that's shitty 馃檨 i mean they had good intentions but that was a dumb way to go about it
Lugubrio51-55, M
Oh no, much too scary.
[@588010,Lugubrio] that鈥檚 okay
Lugubrio51-55, M
[@526701,Stark] 馃憤
Smokey41-45, M
Which one?
[@109843,Smokey] which one do you want to watch ?
Smokey41-45, M
[@526701,Stark] something that makes the hair on my neck stand up馃榿
Yuss, I love scary movies.
[@695370,Straylight] which one you wanna watch girl ?
[@526701,Stark] Maybe the Susperia remake?
[@695370,Straylight] that seems good I鈥檝e never even seen the original 馃き you know your horrors. Let鈥檚 go with that omg we can watch it and have a discussion about it. I said I was going to do this last time make a movie post and people can choose what they want to watch and then we vote and then we all watch it and discuss the movie afterwards
Should we watch the one with the Russian girl's corpse getting defiled in the scrap yard, or one of those beheading videos? I just want to know if it's a romantic movie for two, or a movie between friends.
Not a fan of them but after watching the Christchurch terrorist I'm sure I'll be able to handle a movie just fine
I would LOVE to watch a horror movie with you. Do you have one in mind?
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