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I Am Very Random


Is not my friend

Friends don't steal your valuables

Look at all the things time has stolen from me

My youth,my looks, hair,teeth, vision and hearing.
The wiggle in my walk
Thd xpring in my step
The ounce in my bottom.

And the pheromones!
Oh my, the pheromones; all gone.

On the other hand

Look what time has given me in return.

Old age,wrinkles, bald spots betwee my grey hairs.
Lots more room in my mouth for all that
Yummy, squishy,pureed food
that I now get to eat
instead of steak and salad.

I have bifocals and hearing aides;
two canes and a walker.

Now I sort of lurch when I walk
And instead of a wiggle, I have a jiggle.

As for the pheromones, well
now I smell like A-535

As I said. Time is not my friend.
Yet I still want a lot more of it.
No matter what it takes from me,
It always gives back.

I am also speaking of my inner age. It always depends on what I'm doing and who I am with. I can't define an age that I feel, inside. I feel as I feel. Ageless, mostly. When I am with the old people in my apartment building, I pretty much feel that I fir right in. When I am with the grandchildren, I can feel like a kid and enjoy swinging at the park, or going down the slides with them. I will play in the wading pool with the little ones, or go for a hike with the teens. (I reserve the right to sit with a book and wait for them to pick me up on the way back to the car. That way, I don't shorten their day and they like having me along. It works great for all of us)

But don't ask me to say inside I feel 30, because tomorrow, I may feel 15, or 90.
Heartlander · 80-89, M
Well ... it usually takes your teeth just one at a time, starting in the back. And your sight and hearing a little at a time. All helping you appreciate what's left. And a bigger and clearer screen makes glasses unnecessary. That leaves just the jiggle part to work out on your own. A bit of kindness from the audience helps.
Carissimi · 61-69, F
When you think about it, it's one thing that steals from us that we want more of...then it can steal some more. What a paradox.
I am actually not as decrepit as i sound.
I can't put an age to how i feel.
I have days when i am mobile and feel young enought to tackle anything, but on the days when arthritis kills my knees and sciatica lays me out like a pancake, i wonder if i will ever have any fun again. But, then one of my kids will czll and ask if i feel like going out to lunch and shop. Suddenly, i don't feel so bad. I manage to get mobile and put a smile on and go out. Kids are a tonic for me.
Carissimi · 61-69, F
You mean your physical age. I'm speaking of your inner age. Most people I know feel a much younger age in their being. I feel around 35-years old, it's just that I have more life experiences, and...I believe...more wisdom, but apart from that only my physical appearance has changed. The essence of who I am is still a younger person.
Carissimi · 61-69, F
How old do you feel on the inside?

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