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I Need A Good Slap In The Face
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A face slap can be a lesson in many things

I went to the pastors office one day with my stepdad Adrian. We had been called in for what was another milestone event in my training. I sat on this bar stool seat with my StepDad Abdrian to the side.

Pastor Peter explained to my stepdad that I was the right age to start associating pain and pleasure and that I should be praised and encouraged but also taught to be humble and submissive.

Pastor Matthew approached me and started brushing my hair away from my face. And held it in a bunch behind my head. With his other hand he started caressing my face and telling me how pretty and clever I was.... and then he slapped my cheek. Not too hard but it startled me but immediately he started touching and caressing my face and then he slapped the other cheek. Again a bit of a shock but it didn’t hurt too much but I felt quite embarrassed by it and didn’t really know why at the time.

He smiled at me and I smiled back and he told me I was a good submissive daughter. And again he started being so kind and complimentary and then Whack he slapped me harder across the face. I could feel my cheek burning. He smiled “good girl.”

All the time he is doing this I hear Pastor Peter explaining how good it is that I am sitting there submissively and praising my stepdad on my training so far. He explains that this training achieves so many things in teaching me to accept praise but be humble as women should. That it teaches me to accept pain and punishment and to even associate it with good things.

I started to cry and pastor Matthew wiped my tears and kissed me gently on my glowing cheek. He told me I was doing well and then he slapped me so hard I collapsed into sobs. Pastor Peter told my stepdad to comfort me, Adrian hugged me and said I had done well. As we left Pastor Peter told my stepdad to reinforce this lesson occasionally which of course he did.
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Harriet03 · 41-45, F
Nothing like a good cult "religion" where the "Pastor" screws the congregation.
walabby · 61-69, M
It takes all kinds.. ??????????????
DaddyThomas · 41-45, M
Your stepdad trained you good

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I Need A Good Slap In The Face
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