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Bring back the experiance project

The experience project was better. Can you make it like the experience project. People are using this website for sex. I get stupid messages about sex. This is not what I am looking for in here. The experience project was never like this. Please change it. Please help me change this site.
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TheCoolestCat · 31-35, M
hey wana see my junk?
Kinevi1 ·
Uh. Experience project was just as bad. Maybe you weren't targeted as much. 🤷‍♂️
LadyBronte · 56-60, F
[@593126,Kinevi1] EP in the early days was nothing like what it evolved into.
LadyBronte · 56-60, F
The people are different. That is the biggest reason this site is not like EP.
[@9537,LadyBronte] It wasn't the site that was better. People are hurting more now than say 20 years ago, everybody's more damaged.

and it gets reflected everywhere.😕
LadyBronte · 56-60, F
[@1118414,SoapOperaglasses] Thats why I said, it was the people who were different.
[@9537,LadyBronte] and we can change that. The platform just hosts whatever the people wanna bring forth
eyeno · M
I feel ya...,but I guess they look at it as Sex Sells.
YMITheWayIM · 41-45, M
EP was kinky af. What are you talking about?
dubkebab · 51-55, M
[@270290,YMITheWayIM] once I was talking about how I loved my rainboots-
and yes,there is a strong fetish for that. Would not have guessed.
TheFragile · 41-45, F
Experience project was bad too. I literally had people asking me if I would adult breastfeed them on experience project. I had one troll who was begging me to turn him into a gay man. I also had a few people send me d pics at experience project so it wasn't some wholesome mecca
blackcar · 26-30, M
Yeah good luck with that
TurtlePink · 18-21, F
What's five things you like about this site?
Cleancut · 51-55, M
Experience Project was better because it was more about specific experiences. This site is more general chat. I don't necessarily blame similar worlds. The people who use it could have made this site more like EP if they wanted...but they didn't want to go in that direction.
[@397796,Cleancut] I did and still do.
dubkebab · 51-55, M
[@1118414,SoapOperaglasses] me too
toddr13 · 41-45, M
EP had some very odd characters, too, and some of the things that I heard were going on that led to the closure had nothing to do with privacy concerns for members.
jarvis919 · 22-25, M
my first day here someone put "you don't like my boobs?" many times on my posts. i complained and the managers did nothing. but some people have been nice. it doesn't seem like there is hardly any conversation on this site though. just a very few threads here and there.
[@1211807,jarvis919] People don't talk to each other as much as say 15/20 years ago

Again, all the trends in society show up here and all the changes get reflected.
Peaches · F
What are you talking about?🙄The project was full of sex maniacs!
nevergiveup · 61-69, M
I had a lot of good friends there that would talk for hours.
Zonuss · 41-45, M
People were the same on EP. It just had a different layout. That's all.
Iamonfire666 · 31-35, F
Experience Project was far worse and it’s dead and not coming back. Why don’t you set filters on your messages then?

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